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Top 7 – Performance Show

Posted by Molly M M on April 14, 2009

I’m setting this up a little early… Stay tuned for the live-blogging!

I’m kind of enjoying this Quentin Tarantino stuff. Not enjoying the five-minute judge talking thing. And what’s Simon talking about with the two-at-a-time stuff?

Allison should be good.. but of course, is buried at the beginning of the show again. Go girl go!

ALLISON IRAHETA – I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

Wow! I’m shocked Simon was so complimentary to her! Hopefully voters don’t get complacent because they think she’s safe, based on the judge comments. I thought she sang great, but a little struggle on the lower notes and not my favorite performance from her.

ANOOP DESAI – Everything I Do

Anoop is sounding good. One of his more passionate performances, I’d say. His voice is in prime shape. (But if he doesn’t go home this week, who will??) Very good vocal, Noop Dogg. Good judge comments too.

ADAM LAMBERT – Born to Be Wild

Wow, there’s reverb central on Adam’s voice tonight. Crazy range of notes, as usual. He’s definitely a rock star. Not my favorite performance from him, but nice.

He took WAY too long on that last note. Jeebus.

Simon speaks the truth? Maybe?

From what I’ve heard of the performance order, sounds like Simon/Paula get to comment on Allison, Adam, Danny, and Lil. Heh. Leaving the three soul boys to duke it out with Randy/Kara, just as they are for the soul boy voting bloc.

Yes! Matt gets a pimp chair interview with Ryan.

MATT GIRAUD – Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman

I like what Matt’s doing here, and his piano playing is awesome, but some parts of this were a pitchy mess! Hmm…

Interesting, didn’t Kara tell him she missed his riffing and such a few weeks ago? I think it was fine for him to “flip” that song; the vocal just wasn’t fantastic.

Okay, Danny should be schmoozy as usual. His song choice is pretty karaoke and dated. (Although, not as karaokeish as Lil’s is going to be…)

That was an interesting pimp convo…

DANNY GOKEY – Endless Love

Haha, way to take Quentin’s advice on the hands! Not. He’s doing all right, but he always struggles with the lower register (essentially, struggles when he’s not belting). The arrangement is kind of snoresville. Meh. (However, I am not a Gokey fan so I’m probably prejudiced against.)

Oh geez, Paula. Way to go Simon. I was bored too! The David Cook comparison! Ouch! Weird ending to his comment though.

Okay, Kris time. This is gonna be amazing!

KRIS ALLEN – Falling Slowly

Before he even sings, I must commend him on making far and away the best song choice tonight. Beautiful song, current (2007 Oscar, anyone?) song, absolutely suited for his voice. Heck, I’m glad he even knows the song! I give him major props for knowing about Once and that gorgeous song. I also give him props for taking the judges’ advice and, I hope, doing the song in as straightforward a fashion as possible. I REALLY hope he pulls it off.

Sounding good so far… He’s looking so emotional and using his lower range a lot. Nice. Beautiful falsetto, too. I think Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova would be proud and honored!

Randy, you’re full of shit. Thanks Kara, although it’s not an obscure song!

I just have to add, geez Randy. Kara got two seconds there. I saw Paula flailing her hand in enthusiasm too. Are they trying to knock off Kris because he’s becoming too much of a threat?

I think I may hurl now. “The Rose” is soooo karaoke. She may continue her downward spiral this week.


Gospel-y? Oh my. Well, she’s doing better than recent weeks… but not great. This is interesting. I’m not sure what to think, I just know I’m sending a lot of votes to Kris and Allison tonight.

Wonder what the judges will say…

Okay, Paula had kind of a non-comment there. Interesting, Simon. Wow. Ouch.

Oh geez, no talkbacks. That will doom you!!

Dr. Seuss quote much, Paula?!?!

I have no clue how Lil’s voting will go after her desperate plea. I have to give Vote for the Worst props for their pick; I’m sure they loved her antics tonight!

Well, of course, Kris was my favorite. He picked a great song and made it really passionate. He probably couldn’t have emoted as much had he played guitar with it. I just can’t get over the fact that someone did “Falling Slowly” on American Idol. It makes me so happy and thrilled for the independent artists out there. Props to Quentin for mentioning Kris’s picking the film that meant something to him and going with the song in that. Randy’s nuts.

Allison was great too, and I really enjoyed Anoop. I don’t want Matt to go home, but I fear for him a little bit after tonight. Adam was good but I didn’t love it. Danny was meh. Lil was better than she has been lately, but I didn’t like all that backtalk. It looked desperate!

Thoughts from everyone?

Post-show update: DialIdol is not looking good for Matt, Kris, and Allison. I think I’ll cry if those three are bottom 3!! I do think Matt will be the one going home. I would have thought Lil would be, because she ran her mouth at Simon like someone who’s batshit crazy, but I imagine it fired some people up. I could see Matt, Kris, and Lil as bottom 3. Or I could see it being the three soul boys — Kris, Matt, Anoop. But who will go?

Tomorrow night is top 7 results show, where they usually split the groups into bottom three and safe and then make the last safe person pick which group he or she is in (or like last year, they switched around people in the different groups). We’ll see how they play it out this year.


8 Responses to “Top 7 – Performance Show”

  1. jennifer swartout said

    What the heck is Quentin Tarantino doing on AI? Weird.

  2. Becca said

    I thought Allison was pretty decent, but since she’s the first, who knows what could happen. However, I do think she will make the top 3, definitely.

  3. sarah said

    I thought Allison did well. And Simon gave her major props. I’m not sure how this theme is going to go over tonight. I’m a little nervous…..Anoop should be interesting.

  4. Leah said

    Matt got blasted again and I thought he did well. I think that Danny did a good job. He does well. He won’t win.

    Allison did great. I love that Simon is finally getting on Danny.

  5. Becca said

    Bottom three for this week: Gokey, Lil Rounds, and unfortunately I think Kris might end up there. His song choice was good, but he sounded hoarse… and people aren’t kind.

  6. Katie said

    I liked Anoop best. And that song is the song Bill and I danced to at our wedding so it has a special place for me 🙂

    I thought Kris was really good too. He seems to be getting mixed comments…lots think he was boring. But I liked him.

    Adam was good but a bit over the top for me.

    Allison wasn’t as good as usual but I’m glad she finally got good comments because those comments are long overdue.

    Matt was kind of meh.

    Danny and Lil were terrible, but they are at the top of Dial Idol. What the heck???

    I think Matt will go home.

  7. Molly M M said

    I am thinking Matt will go home too. He was in the middle of the show, his performance was so-so, and he’s splitting votes with Anoop and Kris. I will just die if Kris goes home on that song. He can’t!!! And I agree, Katie, I thought Anoop was awesome tonight. I can’t vote-split though, but I hope he survives…

    The fact that Danny and Lil are at the top of DialIdol, even over Adam, is ridiculous.

  8. Lezli said

    So I finally got to watch all the performances which by the way those videos were AWESOME quality!!!! Thanks for letting me know about it!

    Here’s my verdict:

    Allison: Wasn’t crazy about the performance. Just kind of blah. She could have done better.
    Anoop: Definitely one of my favorites of the night!
    Adam: I love Adam! End of story. Not his best, but still awesome!
    Matt: I think you may be right…he could be headed home. It was just okay, nothing spectacular.
    Danny: I liked how he toned it down but he could have done better. He needs to do something to WOW us!
    Kris: He’s the best! I would love to see a Kris vs. Adam finale just so they could both stay until the end!
    Lil: She’s just having a rough time. I don’t like her hair and I want her to be fun and not so serious all the time.

    Bottom 3 prediction: Lil, Matt and then it’s a toss up between Anoop, Allison or Danny (they’ll be safe).

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