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Top 7 – Thoughts Before the Results Show

Posted by Molly M M on April 15, 2009

Now that I’ve had a while to sit on last night’s performance show, I have some further thoughts on the performances and who might be eliminated tonight.

I still stand by my overabundance of comments that Kris Allen was amazing last night. Randy is insane because Kris wasn’t pitchy last night. I know it’s hard to really know what Randy means by “pitchy,” because, it’s Randy, but I think of pitchy as off-key. I studied music growing up and, let me just say (and my former music teacher, whom I believe reads this, can attest) — I have an EXTREMELY keen ear for pitch and am extremely sensitive/annoyed when I hear off-key notes, or when a singer strays into the wrong key, etc. That said, I don’t think Kris was pitchy. I think he was a bit unsteady in certain parts, but he always landed the notes. I think it was okay for him to be unsteady because it’s an emotional raw, open song. It’s kind of supposed to be sung in a vulnerable way, and I think Kris conveyed it beautifully. Last year, Andrew Lloyd Webber told David Archuleta not to close his eyes when he sings. He probably could have said that to Kris last night, because he did it a lot, but Kris did it because of how strongly he was feeling the song. He freakin’ clutched his heart, people. I thought he could have easily burst into tears while singing. You can’t fake emotion like that. That song MEANS something to him, and I thought he sang it well.

That said, throughout the ‘net last night, I noticed a lot of mixed reviews on Kris. There were many people who thought it was just kind of “meh.” But there were also many who thought it was BRILLIANT. Quite often, the people who liked him thought he was the absolute best of the night, not even because of his vocal, but because of his savvy song choice and his ability to keep things CURRENT on a night when every other song was 15+ years old and SOOOO overdone on the show and on the karaoke circuit. I commend him most of all for that. I would, however, not be surprised to see him in the bottom three tonight. I would be surprised if he went home, though. And if he is the bottom vote-getter, I think there’s a good chance he will be saved.

I’ll actually talk about the save possibilities a little bit more at the end of the post. First, more on the performances. While I was not expecting to like such an overdone song, I really enjoyed Anoop last night, and vocally, he probably sang the best of everyone last night (except maybe Adam, who pretty much never has any sort of vocal problems. The guy must have perfect pitch!). He really made the song beautiful. And this is all in spite of the fact that I am pretty sick of hearing “Everything I Do” on this show. I think all songs by Bryan Adams should be banned from American Idol forever, just like “Alone” by Heart, “Put Your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae, “Ain’t Goin’ Down ‘Til the Sun Comes Up” because it’s always a trainwreck, “Love You Inside and Out” by Bee Gees because of the same reason, and anything Celine Dion or Whitney Houston have ever sung. I think I would be really upset if Anoop was bottom three tonight. However, because he was early on in the show and because he got comments from Randy and Kara instead of the all-important Simon, he could be there. But I don’t think he’ll be going home.

I did notice that the three contestants who didn’t get Simon were Matt, Anoop, and Kris: the contestants who are probably vote-splitting with one another. This makes me think they’re trying to get rid of one of these guys tonight.

Adam Lambert… what can I say? He’s entertaining, and he’s never off vocally. He’s got a heck of a range. I don’t think he’s beatable on this show except maybe by Danny, in which case I will seriously break my TV and never watch the show again. For reals. (Sorry Danny Gokey, I hate your dead wife pimping and ridiculous frat guy dancing and your eighteen pairs of glasses.) So, I guess I’ll kill two birds with one stone here: I liked Adam, didn’t love it, but he ain’t going anywhere. Danny, I’ll just paraphrase what a commenter over at MJ’s Big Blog said: You sang “Endless Love” with a freakin’ harp and looked to the heavens at the end of the song. You pimped your dead wife… AGAIN. The hate is back!

Now, onto Allison and Matt. I thought they were both subpar last night, but I thought Allison should have been criticized a little more heavily, and I thought Matt should have been given a bit more props than he was (which kind of doesn’t jive with what I said about his performance last night). The problem with Matt isn’t what Kara says, about “song choice” — although, another Bryan Adams song? *hurl*  The problem appears to be pitch problems, which I think are caused by nerves. I think Matt is horribly distraught at this point in the competition. He’s almost getting to Brooke White status of anxiety. I think Matt is not a pressure performer; he sounds great in the studio, he did fabulous things with his group in Hollywood Week (I heard he arranged their version of “I Want You Back” mainly himself), but on the big stage, he seems a hot mess. I actually found parts of his vocal really great, and the riffs not out of place at all; but some parts were really “pitchy” in Randy’s words. Now, Allison was probably a bit overpraised last night, but it was high time Simon got behind her. His comments last night solidified to me that, if she was eliminated before the top 5, she WOULD be saved. She has the same kind of backing (maybe not as strongly, but it’s there) that Adam and Danny have, now. But she wasn’t in her best voice last night. She struggled a bit, and this is getting to be yet another song that I’m sick of hearing on Idol. David Cook sang it much better, anyway. Still, she was good, and she’s consistently been very good, so I’ll be sad if I see her in the bottom three.

So now we’re at Lil Rounds. I do feel for her a bit, because the judges are REALLY ragging on her. She’s SO desperate to please them, like the way Carly was last year. (I won’t be surprised if she’s a sixth place exit, just as Carly was last year, too.) The difference is that Carly was a phenomenal singer, and Lil has merely just been pimped to be such. She’s got pitchy problems, she’s not original. Gospel-ing up “The Rose” is the most she’s ever changed up a song. (And I’m sorry, “The Rose” is another song that should be banned from Idol. Go to karaoke night and hear it; I sing it with an older gentleman every time I’m there. We don’t need to hear it on an ad-laden reality TV show.) The only times she’s seemed good to me have been in her initial audition, and in her semi-final Mary J. Blige song. She might have had some glimmers of goodness in there, but not often enough to constitute her staying on the show.

But that isn’t even my problem with her. I DO feel for her, as I felt for Carly (who I LOVED). My problem is her attitude. She acts so entitled, and she handles negative criticism HORRIBLY. She did NOT need to explain to us, “I PUT R&B IN THAT SONG,” yadda yadda. Hun, if you’d done it well, we all would have gathered that, but you didn’t, and it doesn’t really matter what your intention was if it didn’t come off right. I’m sure Vote for the Worst is having a field day over this, as she’s their pick this week. I would think her backtalk last night would have turned off a lot of voters, but according to DialIdol, it appears not. I hope DialIdol is wrong and we see her at least in the bottom three.

So will someone be saved tonight? If they don’t use the save tonight, they only have next week to use it. If they wait until next week and use it then, the following week will have 6 contestants singing two songs each instead of 5, and I think that’d be a disaster; plus, we’d never technically have a top 5. I almost think that if they don’t use it tonight, they won’t use it at all, and I think there’s a chance someone worthy of saving WILL be the bottom vote-getter, so they might actually use it.

Here’s how I think the save possibilities will go, based on what’s happened in the competition so far:

Adam: definitely would be saved (but he’s not even going to be bottom three so we don’t have to worry!)

Danny: definitely would be saved (against my wishes!)

Allison: after what Simon said last night, I’m confident she’d definitely be saved

Kris: very very possibly would be saved — I think his consistency and originality would deserve it, but he’s had mixed reviews the past two weeks

Anoop: possibly would be saved — he’s had two great vocals the past two weeks, so he’d deserve it, but I don’t think Anoop has a chance of cracking the top 3 or 4, so would it really be worth it?

Matt: only a slight possibility of being saved. I think the judges are starting to give up on him due to his inconsistency from week to week, and with his bottom two appearance after one of his best performances, they may realize he doesn’t have the voter support either.

Lil: after her several weeks of mediocre/bad performances and her negative attitude, and Simon’s basic admittance that Allison has overtaken her for top girls’ spot, I think she would not be saved.

All that said, I think tonight’s bottom three will be Matt, and then two of these three: Allison, Kris, and Lil. I would like to hope that it’s Lil and then only one of the other two (my faves!), but I fear DialIdol is right this week and that Lil’s fanbase (plus the new VFTW fans) got fired up to vote for her last night. I could also possibly see Anoop there, but I’m thinking he redeemed himself this week. Really, to me the only contestants who are definitely not bottom vote-getters are Adam and Danny. Any of the rest could be it. DialIdol‘s totals are EXTREMELY close this week.

What are your thoughts? Did you think Kris’s rendition of “Falling Slowly” was as poignant and current as I did? Do you think Lil has an attitude that needs to go? Do you think there will be a shocking bottom vote-getter tonight, and if so do you think the save will be used? Comment, comment, comment!


2 Responses to “Top 7 – Thoughts Before the Results Show”

  1. Susie :D said

    I think it’s Lil’s night to go, but feel in the pit of my heart it might be Matt (nooooo!!) ..

    Despite not realizing he was even on the show until a couple of weeks ago (!!! they’d always put him at the beginning, right when I was dashing home from work), I loved Kris’s song choice. I think it was my favorite version of it I’ve ever heard, and that includes the actual couple singing it live! But, I have to agree about the pitchiness and vocal wavering at points. I think he has the same problem I’ve always had with singing – a tendency to be on the sharp side. His emotion was right on though, hopefully it was enough to keep him in!!!

    ZAC EFRON?!!!! don’t quote me on it, but 17 Again looks like a halfway decent movie.

  2. Susie :D said

    whoops .. . I forgot to include the word *indulgent* in there somewhere!

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