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Top 7 – Results Show

Posted by Molly M M on April 16, 2009

Interesting intro. (Sorry; got a late start here.)

I’m not liking Kris and Lil next to each other on the couch… Hopefully they’ll make the two groups and have the seventh person choose thing.

What’s up with Allison and Kris and the judges? This is a weird group performance. I like the use of solos, though, because they suck singing together!

Aww, Adam’s so well-spoken, and Allison’s adorable!

How is this going to shake down?!?! The suspense of even how they’re going to narrow down the bottom three is killing me.

No grouping weirdness this year?!

Yay! Allison’s safe!

Adam is awesome. I love the Rocky Horror schtick.

This ain’t lookin’ good for Anoop.

Oh screw you America. Anoop shouldn’t be in the bottom three.

At least Allison is safe. Watch it be Kris and Matt in there with Anoop. The three soul boys. (I guess Danny could be considered a soul boy, but he has his own voting bloc. And he ain’t good, LOL.)

Will it be the three who didn’t get the benefit of a Simon critique who are in the bottom three?

Jennifer is in great voice. Wow. Kelly Clarkson could take some pointers from her!

Gosh, I’m so nervous. They’ll put Matt on the stools, Danny safe, and then Kris and Lil we’ll have to sweat over. I have a bad bad feeling Kris will end up bottom three. But NOT going home! Please!! Tonight is gonna be tough. I don’t want to see Anoop or Matt leave, but Kris just can’t leave!!

Oh dear. Kris, Kris, Kris… please, please.

Oh man! Simon! YES!!! Now I feel Kris will be saved, if it comes to that. Randy, again, you are an idiot.

Kris is safe?!?!? Thank god!!!

Poor Matt. And Danny, you have such a smirk on your face right now. And Randy, again you are an idiot.

No surprise there, on Matt. But I think Ryan gave him a little scare. “Danny, you’ve never been in the bottom 3. This week, you are…. safe.” Wow

Anoop!!!! Yes!!!!! Thank god he didn’t have to sweat it out again, after two weeks in a row of it.

I am still reeling from Simon calling Kris brilliant. I almost feel like crying. What a compliment.

Oh no, Simon, please don’t save Lil!! Please!

Oh, to backtrack… Miley is so mehhh.

Maybe it would be a surprise to Matt if he was saved, because he’s been up and down and his confidence is shot.

Oh Lil, I hate you.

Matt!!!! I’m so sad!!!!

Come on Matt, nail this!

I think he’s sounding better tonight. And he’s got a nice falsetto.

The moment of truth…

Oh wow. They saved him!!!!!

I’m very glad they finally used it. Now we can eliminate two next week after what I’m sure will be a horrendous trainwreck of a disco week. (Maybe we can get rid of Danny and Lil together? Ha, unlikely.) I think Matt deserves another chance, though. He badly needed the confidence booster of a save and the judges’ faith in him. And he sang better tonight, I thought.

Welp, that’s all! Thoughts?


9 Responses to “Top 7 – Results Show”

  1. Megan Miller said

    WOW, Simon liked Kris!!! That’s amazing!!!!

  2. Becca said

    Wow, Danny should so be in the bottom three and not anoop!

  3. Susie :D said

    ew. I can’t believe we’re keeping
    Danny over Matt. EW!

  4. Jordan said

    Do you think Randy only commented on Danny’s performance because Simon didn’t like it and Simon had already told Kris he liked his after Randy said he didn’t? lol I just thought that was funny cause after Randy said Danny you did your thing, he looked at Simon like shove it. Just wondering ha ha and I’m so glad Anoop is safe!

  5. Megan Miller said

    I seriously think Lil needs to go!!!! She is nothing like she was the first couple weeks.

  6. Megan Miller said

    I think they will save him! They are dancing and not talking anymore!

  7. Becca said

    WOW! I can’t believe it! Dude, Lil needed to go home… darn fan base.

  8. Stacy said

    Is it just me or did Miley look drunk?

  9. Molly M M said

    Jordan, I didn’t notice Randy do that, but I think my mom did. That’s pretty hilarious! I’m sure that’s why they sparred off like that!

    Stacy, Miley looked drunk because she’s a freak! lol

    Megan, good observation! Paula and Kara were going CRAZY. Even Randy was, a little.

    I could tell the save was going to happen when Ryan kept talking at him, Matt was almost in tears. He wouldn’t have done that if the judges weren’t going to save him. I’ve gotta think the judges know ahead of time who’s going home and the save thing is all planned out so it will be new “drama” every week, even though it’s fake.

    I am very glad Matt was saved. I think he deserved another chance and now we will for sure have Lil eliminated next week!

    And Simon calling Kris “brilliant”…. MADE MY WEEK.

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