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Top 7 (2.0) – Predictions

Posted by Molly M M on April 22, 2009

I’ll be live-blogging (really, live!) tonight’s results show, but I wanted to add some quick thoughts about what I think may happen tonight.

First of all, I’d like to make note of an article that broke on my favorite Idol blog, MJ’s Big Blog, earlier today, regarding Paula’s contract negotiations and something “big” that will be happening tonight. I hear Paula’s choreographing the group number tonight, so perhaps the “historic” event is that Paula will be performing with them. Is this the first time a judge has ever performed with contestants? Who knows.

My other guess is that we may have a presidential appearance tonight. I know Simon’s been talking about getting President Obama on the show, and supposedly Randy had dinner with Condoleeza Rice earlier this week. I’m sorry, I love President Obama, but I would not be real happy if he showed up on Idol. He gets enough crap for having a “celebrity” status; this would only confirm this for the believers and annoy people like me who don’t want people saying that.

Okay, now onto the results. I’ll rank my order of performances last night:

1-2. Kris/Adam (tie)

3. Allison

4-6. Matt/Anoop/Danny (they’re all the same to me)

7. Lil

Really, Kris and Adam are the only ones worth watching the show for, for me (to quote Randy’s favorite term). At least they keep things interesting, although they’re each getting predictable in their own sort of way. I know the kind of singing style Kris will bring to a song, but I never have a clue of what kind of song he’ll choose to make his own. He totally shocked me last night in a great way. Adam is getting predictable by swaying between the fast, rollicking romps and the slow, emoting ballads (complete with hairstyles and dress to match each type)… but you never know exactly how he’s going to approach a song, and what you can expect, which is always good, is a stellar vocal.

Everyone else is just real karaoke for me at this point. I do love Allison, but she does kind of always have the same style, and unlike Kris, she doesn’t change up songs in such a drastic way to be totally impressive. She’s less karaoke than the other four remaining contestants, though. I think I’d love LISTENING to Matt and Anoop both, but not watching them. And Danny and Lil, well, we all know my thoughts on them. I think I’d like both of them better if they didn’t act so entitled all the time.

So what will go down tonight? I actually fear this week is going to be our big shocker. This is when Carly went home after a stellar performance last year, if you recall, and that was devastating to me. I don’t think Adam is in danger, and I don’t really think Kris is either, despite what DialIdol continues to say (and be wrong about) with him each week. A part of me WISHES Danny would be in trouble, but I think that’s me projecting my hopes onto my actual gut instincts about tonight.

So that leaves Allison, Lil, Anoop, and Matt. One girl is definitely going home. My initial reaction is Lil and Anoop, but I’m starting to question it. I really have this fear that Allison’s middle of the night placement, slow arrangement, and good comments could actually cause voters to be complacent, and since she’s already had some bottom three run-ins (though, never bottom two), this could spell doom for her. I think it’d be crazy awful if the two remaining girls went home tonight, but if Allison has to go, I’d like Lil to go too so Lil isn’t the last girl standing, and since I prefer Matt and Anoop both to Lil. I really don’t know what to think, but I don’t have a good feeling.

Who do you think will go home?


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