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Top 7 (2.0) – Performance Show

Posted by Molly M M on April 22, 2009

Hey peeps — I missed the beginning of the show tonight due to getting home late from moderating a junior high Scholastic Bowl meet. I’m so awesome. Anyway, I’m going to sit down and watch the tape of the show shortly, so I’ll be writing my recap then. Stay tuned! -MMM

It’s 2:20am. Naturally, I’m beginning my recap of the performance show. I live such the cool life.

I wasn’t real excited about disco theme. Apparently it was a last-minute change when a mentor dropped out? Eee.

Lil is singing “I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Khan. She has some really nice moments… but in general, it’s a karaoke trainwreck. And her hair… it just gets longer and more bangsy every week, doesn’t it? Last chord… wow, not too good. It was a bit better than some of her other recent performances, note-wise. But what will the judges think? It’s clear the powers that be are done with Lil. She didn’t live up to their expectations, and the backtalking REALLY doesn’t help. Ouch, Kara tells her, “you’ve been every woman but yourself”? Wow. Paula explains that Lil has been on vocal rest. Here we go with the talking again, Lil. Simon thinks she’s gone. He literally says it’s her last shot. Wow. Lil… again with the talking and aggressiveness. Honey, you’re just making it worse.

Kris is next with… “She Works Hard for the Money”??? I saw a spoiler for this earlier today and thought, “please let this be wrong!!” But it was so not wrong, and that is so okay, because he ROCKED it. This has this very acoustic-y, folk-soul, almost jazzy vibe going on. He’s jamming with the musicians dead center on stage. I love how he counted down the start of the song as if he was leading a jam session. It does not sound like Donna Summer at all! Man, and Jordin Sparks could win Idol singing this in a straight karaoke way, and there’s a chance Kris won’t even make top 3? Shows how far we’ve come here. This is like a combo of Carlos Santana, Jason Mraz, and Ani DiFranco (Evolve era sound) doing Donna Summer, and I mean this in the most positive way possible. His voice is SO there tonight. He’s workin’ it!! He’s really breaking it down. The judges are loving it. There’s annoying banter from Paula and Simon about shopping in the women’s department (I guess because he picked a Donna Summer song??). Annoying, get back to the critique please!! Simon loves it, says it’s totally opposite from Lil, original, not karaoke, “fantastic”… and Randy says he is ready for the big time, he knows who he is, and it’s “amazing.” Thank you finally, Randy!

Allison in glasses before the break??

Next up is Danny Gokey, attacking “September” by Earth Wind and Fire is his usual guttural style. He doesn’t really have a star vibe… he just growls the song. He has some nice notes, but he really only sings well when he sings higher notes. It’s exactly what I expected from him. God, I so hope he’s this year’s shocking boot. Maybe he’s dropping in voting the way Melinda did and go out in third place (or better yet — lower). I can’t believe I would wish Melinda’s fate on someone — I LOVED that girl, she’ll always be my favorite Idol contestant — but I do. Put the Go in Gokey, please!! Of course, the judges give him a tongue bath. I’ll admit, it wasn’t a bad vocal, but really, neither was Lil’s; they both had some good moments, and they both had some all over the place moments. How is Danny’s worthy of gobs of praise, and Lil basically gets told she’s done? Strange. I really don’t understand the pimping of this guy. He’s not really marketable… what type of music would he even make? It’s people like him who remind me that this is, more often than not, a glorified karaoke competition. Sign me up, if I can get phone dates with my favorite singers! (Did you hear about the Gokey/Rachael Lampa scandal? We move on quickly, don’t we?) At least the judges admit they were concerned about the song choice at first. And Simon keeps it a little bit real; it’s true, Danny really has no star power… oh, but Paula forecasts yet again, we’ll see him in the finals. I still can’t believe Kara thinks he never had a pitch problem. Do we remember country week? Top downloads week? Hello? Can we get some ear wax removal kits for the judges??

Allison’s up with “Hot Stuff.” I’m liking the slowed-up beginning arrangement. She’s rocking it. It’s not at all like the original of the song. Allison looks gorgeous too. Great, flattering, skinny dress, and her hair is tame in spiral curls. She sounds good, but the singing style is a tad predictable from her. I’ll tell ya, though: this girl probably works the stage better than any contestant except Adam. She’s a born rock star, for real. Aw, Randy thinks the arrangement is “over-indulgent”? Um, isn’t the (not real?) word “over-indulgent” in itself indulgent, Mr. Jackson? Paula, what are you talking about compromise? Simon says she was always going to be an underdog in disco week, and yet she was brilliant. TPTB have Simon on her side for sure, now.

Ryan leads us into the commercial break talking about the upcoming vocal stylings of “Adam Lambairrr.” (Imagine this as a French “Lambert,” with a silent “t.”) Uhhhhhhh. Okay. Oh, Seacrest.

That reminds me, did you know Seacrest has a Twitter account? It’s highly entertaining, and sometimes, he actually posts for himself.

I just have to comment on the horrific advertising concept of Burger King, SpongeBob SquarePants, and… Sir Mixalot? “I like square butts and I cannot lie”??? I think I’m scarred for life.

Wow… Adam looks hotter tonight than he ever has on this show. WHY ARE YOU NOT STRAIGHT and thus not dateable by me??? He’s singing a slowed-down, haunting “If I Can’t Have You.” This vocal is beautiful. It’s almost like he’s singing in an intimate moment of a Broadway show, only it’s a rock concert instead. He’s incredibly emotionally connected to this song. Closeup of Paula in tears. Adam provides one signature wail in this performance, but just one. This is getting a little bit predictable, Adam: one week crazy romp, one week slow tearjerker, repeat. It doesn’t matter. As Kara says, it’s brilliant. (Although she references SNL as opposed to Saturday Night Fever. Studio 57 moment again, I see?) Simon has a hilarious look on his face as Paula’s giving her critique and having another finals premonition. Simon says it’s unexpected and that’s why we like him. Immaculate vocals. Adam thanks the arranger. He is so, so classy and humble. I have to think he’s one of the best at handling critiques and praise in the show’s history. His non-performance demeanor just exudes maturity.

Matt is singing “Stayin’ Alive”? That song knocked LaKisha Jones off the show, and it probably has been the death of others too. The ironic ending just writes itself! Matt! I know you stayed alive last week, but why in heaven’s name did you pick this song?!?!? WHY?!?!?! Well, Matt’s had good luck everytime he’s worn the hat on the show. I sorta like the dancing, and he doesn’t hit too many bum notes tonight… but it’s nowhere near the quality of Adam’s, Kris’s, or even Allison’s. The judges love his vocals. Randy mentions it’s one of the most talented top 7s ever. Oh boy. Kara calls it solid like five times. Neither loves the arrangement, it seems. Paula compares his song choices to her bowling: sometimes gutterballs, sometimes strikes, and tonight was a strike. Simon doesn’t like it and tells Matt to come out of “Idol Land.” LOL. Whatever, Simon.

Anoop gets the pimp spot for the first time ever in a voting round. Will he be the first contestant with the pimp spot to get the boot during a one-song-per-contestant week? Maybe. He picks “Dim All the Lights.” The slowed-up beginning is nice and smooth. He’s not frenetic in his performance style when the song goes up-tempo, but it’s still a little strange. Vocals are kind of meh. Eek, last note is not good, and he knows it. Randy doesn’t care about the arrangement; it’s a singing competition, remember, and he can sing. Kara loves it, thinks the past two weeks are his best performances, thinks it could be on the radio. Paula compliments his smile and teeth, his ability to wear pink, his “growth” (?? I’m guessing she means facial hair??), and the “magical zone” in his voice. Simon thinks it’s mediocre, bad arrangement, and his worst performance by a mile. Oh Simon, it wasn’t THAT bad.

I think the same three are in trouble… Lil, Anoop, and Matt. But I could see Allison, with her mid-show placement and slow, semi-forgettable song arrangement, being a shock boot with one of these other three. And who knows? Maybe Danny is falling in the voting ranks; there’s a voting poll site online that indicates he could be going home with Lil, based on who the site’s visitors said they voted for. I think Adam’s really the only safe bet; I hope Kris too, but I ain’t takin’ the chance and jinxing my boy. I ain’t buying DialIdol this week either. After Lil’s high ranks and Kris’s low ones on the site, and the reverse happening on the show the past two weeks, I really have trouble believing it.

I really think Lil is gone, not only because of the backtalking, the pitchiness, the lack of originality — but the fact that she sang first. Death trap. Now, logic indicates it’s between Anoop and Matt for the other ouster. Will Matt’s momentum from the save carry him through another week? Or will Anoop’s having the pimp spot and his wrongful placement in the bottom three last week despite a great vocal keep him around? Or will we have a shocker and lose Allison — and in fact, the two remaining girls — in one week, leaving us the first all-male top 5 ever?


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3 Responses to “Top 7 (2.0) – Performance Show”

  1. Susie :D said

    oy, in an ideal world we’d see Lil and Danny go !!! Maybe they should’ve saved their special power for this week?? (just in case something awful happens and Allison gets the fewest votes .. which I don’t think will happen, but you never know). Hmmmm. .. on the other hand, not seeing Matt singing Staying Alive last night would have been super tragic as well !

    I agree, Adam is super classy. I can’t imagine him not winning, but even if he doesn’t, he’ll sell a bajillion albums regardless. 🙂

  2. Vera said

    The results tonight are going to be SO dramatic. Two people gone?! It’s hard to predict. I agree probably only Adam is guaranteed safe. After disco, anything can happen. lol I should be worried about Danny as my supposed favorite, but kind of have trouble mustering much enthusiasm for him anymore. Anoop has been slowly growing on me. I think his vocals have been among the best, and he’s been very consistent, these past three weeks!!

    I agree Allison was semi-predictable and forgettable last night. Watching the short clip at the end, I just suddenly felt like she’s sung every song the exact same way for as far back as I can remember.

    Actually, I haven’t seen a performance that I got really excited about in the last few weeks! They need to get it together!! Or maybe I’ve just become overly critical. ha

  3. Molly M M said

    Vera, I’m sorry for all of the Danny hating! I hope I’m drawing you over to the other side… I do agree, the past several weeks have been boring — probably partly because of really boring themes.

    Su, I think they maaaaybe shouldn’t have used the save because if Allison or Kris gets the boot after their great performances last night, it will be tragic, and shocking. I feel it’s going to come back to bite them.

    Coming soon is a quick post about my predictions for tonight.

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