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Top 5 – Theme Announcement!

Posted by Molly M M on April 23, 2009

The theme for top 5 week has been announced. I’ve heard it’s either “top jazz standards” or “songs by the Rat Pack.” Hmm, maybe since we’ve got four guys and a girl left, impersonations of Frank, Dean, and Sammy can happen?

I’m personally psyched for this theme. I love love LOVE this music, and it’s not been since top 9 of season 6 that we’ve gotten a jazz week. (That year, Tony Bennett mentored. I wonder if we’ll get a mentor this time too?) I can see, however, how some may absolutely hate this theme. I’m not sure how this theme, like so many others we’ve seen this season, will show us what kinds of recording artists these contestants would be.

Additionally, if tradition holds true, this is the week we start getting two songs per Idol per night. How they are going to get through 10 songs, 40 judge critiques, and 18 minutes of commercials in ONE HOUR is beyond me. I’m not sure I want to watch these kids put up 10 bastardizations of some of my favorite tunes, either.

What do you think will happen? Will they have time in their busy night for a mentor? Will they stick with 2 songs a contestant and all judges critiquing? Who will shine, who will bore, and who will be a massive trainwreck? We’d lve to hear your thoughts!


One Response to “Top 5 – Theme Announcement!”

  1. Anna said

    I’m hoping for a Danny disaster. 😛 He’s a one trick pony, and I don’t think his “trick” works well with the smooth, jazzy sound of the rat pack. On the other hand, I predict that Kris will once again blow us all away! 🙂

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