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Top 7 (2.0) – Results Show

Posted by Molly M M on April 23, 2009

Here we go.

Is this the “something big”? Paula choreographing for them? Still, kinda neat that they get to actually work with a judge on something.

Kris can dance! But they’re totally lip-syncing, right? It’s a little obvious.

Why is Adam not in sunglasses?

That group dance was actually sort of enjoyable, I gotta say. And Paula onstage! And Paula gets flowers from the top 7.

We have some weird seating tonight.

Lil is asked how badly she wants this. Real bad. Lil… is taken to the far side of the stage. Wow — not even a bottom three tonight??

Lil is out. She seems to be letting loose on this sing-out. Paula thinks she sang brilliantly tonight, and glad she went out at the top of her game. Randy tells her that it’s just the beginning… about five times. Simon will miss her family screaming at him every week. Kara is partially cut off at the beginning of her advice.

So who is next? Will it be down between Anoop, Matt, and Allison, the three seated together in the top row?

Who is this disco lady? I’ve never even heard of her! I guess she’s someone who made “Band of Gold” famous. Now THAT’S a (way overdone on Idol) song I’m glad I didn’t hear last night. This lay is old and does not sound great. Okay… Thelma Houston, she I’ve heard of. Love this song, but that dress… be careful what you show us, darling!

KC & the Sunshine Band too? Will this godawful disco medley EVER END? I’d rather have Archuleta sing ten times tonight than this stuff.

Aaaaaand another commercial.

Two more seats in the bottom three? Then why is Lil already gone?? I’m confused.

Kris is safe! Kris got Paula’s “women’s department” comment.

Adam is so gracious. Love his line about singing the lyrics honestly. He’s safe!

Danny… Ryan asks Danny about the clumsy stuff. Simon and Ryan banter oddly. Danny is safe.

Anoop… bottom three. Ryan “got right to it” as Simon requested.

Matt versus Allison for the last bottom spot. I’ve got a bad feeling.

Allison wanted to make the performance more “her” and not karaoke. Matt arranged his song himself, and had a great time.

Allison’s bottom three over Matt. I knew this would happen. Boo. Allison sings to Anoop on her way over to the stools.

I’ve got a bad feeling about Allison. Is the “big thing” going to be the fact that for the first time, there’s an all-guy top 5? There’s never even been an all-male top 3 before!

David Archuleta should lighten the mood. He is adorable, even though I was so anti-him last year. His voice sounds OFF though. Eek. Maybe Archie’s sick or something, because he’s a pitchy mess. He is such a little ray of sunshine, though.

Aww, Archie’s little speech is nice, and he tells them they have awesome voices. See, why couldn’t they have had Cook do that? Oh, right — not a live performance.

My mom and I are speculating on an Adam/Kris finale. If that happened, I would honestly not care who won.

Okay, here we go. C’mon Allison.

Whew. I’m sad for Anoop, but it was not Allison’s time. I get the sense of relief from Anoop, a little bit. He’s singing really great tonight.

Where are the goodbye videos?!?

Here we go with the videos. They’ve spliced them together. Kinda cool.

Nice thank you shoutout, Anoop!

And we’re done. I guess my prediction wasn’t far off.


5 Responses to “Top 7 (2.0) – Results Show”

  1. Leah said

    these old disco fogey’s are having a hard time with their breathing!!

  2. Megan said

    WOW! Did not expect that! Allison better not go or the judges will be shooting themselves in the foot. No offense but Allison is much better than Matt!

  3. Megan said

    Agreed on David being off!

  4. Becca said

    I figured Lil and Anoop would go tonight. I was worried for Allison though!

    Oh, and I love “Band of Gold” but Freda was out of breath tonight, she’s older than my dad!! He’s retired, lol.

  5. Molly M M said

    Leah, I know!! This disco medley was a DISASTER. Couldn’t they have found filler that was ANY better?

    Megan, I agree, if Allison HAD gone home, the producers and judges would wish they’d never used their save last week. You never know when a shocking boot will happen…

    Becca, that was my feeling too. I figured Matt not only was saved by the judges, but saved by the audience another week because of the momentum of it.

    Next week should be interesting. At this point, I really enjoy all of the contestants except Danny. I think he or Matt should go next, leaving an Adam/Allison/Kris smackdown! (They’re like the three amigos too, so that’d be awesome.)

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