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Top 5 – My Preferred Song Picks

Posted by Molly M M on April 28, 2009

So tonight’s Rat Pack night. I’m so excited, I might pee my pants. I heard each contestant gets just ONE song this year, which I think is the fair thing to do so everyone gets a decnt critique (well, decent length-wise).

I am so hoping for a shock elimination of the Gokey. Why? Because Matt should do well with the theme, Adam ain’t going anywhere, and I will cry it eyes out if Allison or Kris goes (especially Kris). And if Danny goes now, the chances of an Adam/Kris/Allison final three goes WAAAY up. So, Danny: sing something of a treacle-fest and bore us and Simon, but do well enough so your fans are complacent and don’t vote. It’s our only hope!!

Here’s what I’d love the Idols to sing:

Adam: Something with semi-subversive content would be awesome — a Billie Holiday thinker song. Did the Rat Pack ever sing “Strange Fruit”? Or “Black and Blue”? Could be awesome. I also like Michael Slezak‘s idea about a stripped down “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.”

Allison: If she stripped down a ballad like “Someone to Watch Over Me”… she could kill it. Maybe even with guitar.

Danny: Please go for “What a Wonderful World” in the most syrupy fashion imaginable.

Kris: I would die and go to heaven if you sang “Mr. Bojangles” to me (with guitar or keys). Proof of past Idol success with this song: Sam Nixon, UK Pop Idol season two. Kid rocked it; it was a breakthrough performance. I’ll find a clip to post later.

UPDATE: Clip of Sam Nixon singing “Mr. Bojangles” in 2003 on UK’s Pop Idol. (And here is an extended version with video clip of the contestant and judge comments.)

Matt: As much as I hate to say it, repeat, repeat, repeat your Hollywood week breakthrough of “Georgia on My Mind.” with piano. You will be safe next week if you do.

What are your song picks?


One Response to “Top 5 – My Preferred Song Picks”

  1. Molly M M said

    I have to say — one of my picks is actually right. Go me!

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