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Top 5 – Performance Show

Posted by Molly M M on April 28, 2009

Here we go. Everyone looks snazzy tonight!

It’s Rat Pack era night. Jamie Foxx, who played Ray Charles in the bio-pic, is the “surprise” mentor. Strange.

Kris talks briefly with Ryan before the break. I loved his “who is the mentor for Rat Pack week? All of those guys are… dead…” He looks VERY nice tonight. Please vote for Kris my friends! LOL.

KRIS ALLEN – The Way You Look Tonight

Is he taking the slow Tony Bennett route? The uptempo Sinatra swing version? The bossa nova style Michael Buble did? I’ll take any of these, thanks very much. 🙂

Slow version. I’m liking this… Jamie Foxx calls him his number one, he’d do a record with him. Nice!

Slow at first… then brings the swing in after the bridge. He’s doing a gorgeous job with the vocal. Really interesting phrasing choices. Wow. I’m melting over here. (It doesn’t hurt that I’ve often felt “The Way You Look Tonight” would be my first dance at my wedding.)

Randy says it’s his best perfomance to date. Sweet!! Kara says he’s set the technical standard incredibly high for the rest of the night. Dark horse!!! Paula says boy next door to sophisticated gentleman. Simon thought it was good but “wet.” ??? He doesn’t think Kris CAN win the competition. Simon can BITE ME.

ALLISON IRAHETA – Someone to Watch Over Me

I’m so glad she picked this song! She should do well.

She gets a pimp chat about being the only girl left and celebrating her 17th birthday yesterday. She got a birthday surprise during rehearsal.

Allison is hilarious in her video. “Yeah, I’m about 5.” LOL. Jamie tells her to sing for her family.

She is singing with a lot of soul and passion tonight. You go girl! She is a little husky for my liking on the crescendos — but overall, very good, very strong. It’s be a shame if she went home. Very very nice head-voice ending.

Randy like how she does it in her style, calls it “da bomb.” Kara isn’t worried about her anymore, she should end up in the finals. Paula loves the alluring, tender sensibility. Simon asks her if she thinks she can win it; Allison thinks she and all the others can, but Simon isn’t sure, thinks she could be in trouble, thinks it was a mechanical performance, thinks she’s being overshadowed by the other “personalities” at the moment. Kara says he’s crazy, Randy chimes in on that too.

Is Simon trying to oust Kris and Allison so he can have his predicted Adam/Danny finale? I call bullshit on you, Simon Cowell.

MATT GIRAUD – My Funny Valentine

I hear he’s not playing piano on this? A mistake, I predict.

He says he studied jazz in college, got a B; Ryan says he needs an A!

Jamie calls him back later. He thinks he ought to change keys and sing it in full voice.

He sounds different tonight. Is this his vocal jazz voice? Not too much falsetto yet… he’s a little pitchy, but I like the nuances he’s got to the phrasing. He went fairly easy on the runs. Too much blasting at the end for my liking, but a pretty good performance.

Randy thought he was up to the task but it didn’t all come together for him. Kara didn’t think he was emotionally connected. Matt appears to disagree. Paula felt the emotional connection and thought lowering the key showed a different side to his voice. Simon disagrees with Randy, liked his Nat King Cole phrasing, thought it was brilliant, could tell he loved the music.

What will happen now???? Is Simon pimping Matt because he wants Kris or Allison gone, since they could make the finale but Matt probably can’t? Sorry for all the conspiracy theories, peeps, but I’ve watched the show long enough to know when “throwing under the bus” begins to happen.

DANNY GOKEY – Come Rain or Come Shine

Danny says he’s not changing it up much (big surprise!) except to put a bluesy edge. (it kind of already has one…) Jamie is in his face.

Danny looks a little better than usual this evening. I don’t like the way he sings “reeeeeever.” He’s doing all right… not loving the growling. Oh boy. He comes the loud high stuff. The judges will love it, I’m sure. You are yelling the song at me! It’s what you always do and it is not in keeping with the spirit of the song. Gaaaaaaaaah.

Randy says he could have an album of songs like that and win. Who cares about connecting to the song, you can sing!!! Kara loves the swagger. Unbelievable. Paula says stellar, and that he can see the finish line. Simon says he proved a point, unlike the first two. BLATANT PIMPING. Simon thanks Ricky Minor and Jamie as well.

EDIT: I still hate Danny. Parts of that vocal were… restrained and phrased well. Will I say good? No. The ending killed all chances of my liking it. However, I did like the band’s arrangement of the song.

Cannot stand Danny Gokey. Gaaaaah.

What is wroooong with Simon? You threw Kris and Allison under the bus!!

ADAM LAMBERT – Feeling Good

He picks Muse’s version of the song. Excellent choice, I feel. Adam is intimidated by Jamie Foxx, and Jamie has no idea of that.

Adam is looking good! Sounding good too. I mean, is there any way he ain’t winning? Right now I’m just determined to get Kris into the finale with Adam, there over Danny.

Excellent song choice by Adam. My mom doesn’t like it, hahaha.

Randy thinks it’s a little theatrical and Broadway, but thinks he’s in the zone consistently. Kara uses all these contradictory adjectives. Paula says he’s like Michael Phelps at the Olympics. Simon says Randy saying Adam is theatrical is like complaining about a cow mooing. He gets discombobulated and says Adam, like others such as Adam, is in it to win it, to prove a point, etc., and loved his entrance.

Man… I think Matt is in trouble. I guess if he has to go home, it should be on a week he loves. Could be Allison or Kris though. I bet Kris’s fans are unhappy with Simon, so that might power them up. I will be power voting for Kris tonight and probably giving Allison some votes as well.


4 Responses to “Top 5 – Performance Show”

  1. Rebecca Finley said

    Okay Molly….I have enjoyed your narratives of AI completely…..excellent job! I can tell you have had musical training!
    I agree with everyone except Danny and Adam. But they are such different performers…for sure. So it will all come down to which generation is voting I guess.
    I will say that Adam’s entrance reminded me of Joey Heatherton’s Serta Sleeper sexy mattress commercial too many years ago! LOL….

  2. Susie :D said

    Danny singing in the studio without his glasses was probably my favorite 2 minutes of him ever. .. He looked like an entirely different guy!!!! I agree in thinking that Matt will go, even though his song was lovely 😦 😦 It’s partially my fault too, because I can’t help but vote for Adam!!

  3. Katie said

    Hey, did you hear that in Simon’s world, it’s opposite day? Seriously…I wanted to punch him multiple times. Here are my thoughts.

    1. Allison – Amazing. Simply amazing. That was one of the most touching performances of the season. I’ll definitely be getting the iTunes version of that. I really wanted to slug Simon for his comments to her. She, by far, does not deserve to go home.
    2. Adam – Nice song choice, well sung. A little too Screamy McScreamerson in parts for me, however.
    3. Kris – Again, nicely done, it just didn’t really feel like it WENT anywhere. I do think he’s had better but again…not sure what Simon’s deal with that was.
    4. Danny – It was actually borderline pleasant until the last 30 seconds where it all went to hell in a handbasket. Seriously…he should not be allowed to sing anything remotely uptempo. The shouting and off key notes are very painful to my ears.
    5. Matt – Oh, poor Matt. He needed to be great and he was terrible. I think it’s time to say Adios to Matt (although you know I wish it would be Danny instead).

  4. Molly M M said

    I really feel Simon was deliberately de-pimping Kris and Allison tonight because he is afraid they could threaten his “prediction” of an Adam/Danny final.

    But America listens to Simon. It’s just too bad; Kris and Allison, and probably even Matt, are leaps and bounds more marketable than Danny is.

    I would have liked Danny’s performance more if not for the last 30 seconds. He does that in EVERY song, it’s what the judges love… it’s not original. For me, it ruined the song. The gods of jazz not smiling.

    On another note… is it just me, or was Jamie Foxx a good mentor or what? I feel he actually got something out of each of them.

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