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Top 5 – Predictions

Posted by Molly M M on April 29, 2009

Hey all. I think I’m gonna post a recap about tonight’s results and not actually live-blog… feeling under the weather. Too much excitement would kill me. I’ll set up a thread before the show so you can all post comments during the show, though.

Here are my rankings from last night:
1. Allison
2. Kris
3. Adam
4. Danny
5. Matt

Listening back, I do think Danny was better than Matt. I hated the blasting at the end of Danny’s song, but I couldn’t help but admire his restraint at the beginning/middle. Jazz is all about understanding when to pour it on and when to pull back; it’s as much about silence as it is sound.

That’s why Allison had the best performance last night… she showed emotion, range, restraint, and gusto in all the right places. It was a perfect song choice for her; but of course it was, since I picked it for her myself beforehand!

Kris and Adam were both pretty predictable last night, but they each gave a solid vocal. Kris was tender, and I enjoyed his slow-to-swinging take on the song. It’s exactly the kind of move that, say, Harry Connick, Jr. would have made on that song. Not surprised that Adam picked Muse’s cover of “Feeling Good”; as I was with his Gary Jules/Michael Andrews version of “Mad World,” I was impressed with the musical knowledge he possessed to make those savvy choices. I thought he didn’t “Muse it up” enough, actually… but I give Kris kudos for staying truer to the spirit of the Rat Pack with his phrasing choices.

That leaves us at Matt. I’m sorry, “My Funny Valentine” should be untouchable on this show… see Melinda Doolittle’s astounding version from season six and you need think no further. Matt made some interesting choices, and I enjoyed hearing his lower range for once, but he doesn’t have the chops and personality to go much further. I think justice will prevail, and he will go home tonight.

Knowing me, the one night I’m confident about results will be the one night one of my babies (Krallison) goes home. Especially after Simon’s comments that neither of them could win it. Was Simon throwing them under the bus as he has been wont to do in the past?…

Or were his comments a sneaky tactic to actually incite voting for them, specifically Allison? I wouldn’t put it past him. For evidence, see Cook, David; finale, season 7. Simon called the final for Archuleta, despite it being completely ridiculous for him to do so (it was pretty evenly matched if you ask me). He retracted it on results night and even apologized to Cook on the show. What happened was Cook fans were livid and came out in droves to vote, and Cook won by 12% of the vote. To be honest, I would not be surprised if Simon has a few apologetic words for Krallison tonight (though I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t, either).

It’s also worth noting Krallison’s beginning of show placement. It’s never good to start the show, but Simon’s negative comments AND his reference back to them in later show comments may just have made them MORE memorable… whether that was his intention or not.

What do you think will happen? Will we get a Shock! Boot! tonight? Or will middle-of-the-show, middle-of-the-road comment getter Matt finally pack his bags?


2 Responses to “Top 5 – Predictions”

  1. Vera said

    So I just watched last night’s show, and I am FLIPPING OUT about Danny’s performance!!! I actually texted Dave to rant and rave about how much I loved it. Based on last night alone, I would rank him at #1 by a clear mile. Am I crazy?

    I think I’ve put my finger on what I don’t like about Adam…even though some of his performances have been great, I can never shake the feeling that everything is just an elaborate act. Even when he SEEMS to get really into the song, it seems so rehearsed…theatrical, like he is being this persona who’s doing the song, instead of really doing the song himself. Everything is so carefully planned.. even his sexy/creepy little smile at the end, when he knows the camera is zoomed in. I feel like he looked in a mirror and practiced that over and over. I don’t feel like I’m seeing HIM.

    I thought last night was Adam’s worst. SO over-the-top, SO theatrical. I even hated his outfit. lol he has looked much, much better before. I don’t see his performances as being at a concert. I see him on a Broadway stage, and I don’t think he’s ever gotten out of that mode. And the way he stood there at the end.. I just feel like he had this look on his face like “yeah I’ve already won.. what now?” I don’t know.

    Danny is a clear contrast to Adam for me. Molly, you are going to be disgusted with me lol. But what I like the most about him is his consistently joyful attitude and his emotionality. Most shows, he just owns the song and kills it and throws everything behind it. Is his singing perfect? No. I’m not sure that his voice is the best (I think Anoop’s might have been IMO). But I think he’s consistently connected the most with the audience, and I get such a genuine feeling of his enthusiasm and excitement when he’s singing. He is the only one, other than Anoop, where I get super excited during his song. Kind of similar to Taylor Hicks and why I loved him when I first started watching Idol! Ultimately for me the best person in the competition doesn’t just sound good but gives you that feeling of involvement and excitement in their performance.

    Oh geez, I wrote a lot. Sorry!! I’m excited to watch tonight!

  2. Molly M M said

    Vera, we can agree to disagree on Danny! I see how he could appeal to some people… it’s just, for me, tonight, for me (to quote Randy, ha!), he has too many characteristics going against him for me to feel that way about him.

    I would agree about Adam… everything seems very staged. I actually think my favorite performance of his was his one from last week, which hasn’t been that widely praised. I think he sang “If I Can’t Have You” with an overwhelming amount of emotion. I personally connected to him on that song.

    I think Adam and Allison have the most raw talent of anyone left this season. But when it comes to emoting… Danny and Kris may have them beat.

    Of course, I think Kris emotes more than anyone else, really puts himself into the song and the arrangements. And he’s humble. And I actually listen to music like Kris’s on a regular basis, so his record would be the one I’d most like to buy. So that’s why he’s my favorite. (His adorable looks don’t hurt.)

    I read a few people who think very few finalists other than the winner will be signed this year because of the economy… I hope that isn’t true. This is probably the most talented top 5, and now top 4, ever.

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