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Top 2 (FINALS!) – Results Show (aka The Idol Finale)

Posted by Molly M M on May 20, 2009

Kids, I can’t do a recap on this. There’s just too much going on during this show! Tomorrow I will debrief the results. Tonight, I’m just going to enjoy the show, and I hope you do too.


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Top 2 (FINALS!) – Performance Show

Posted by Molly M M on May 19, 2009

The acoustic rocker versus the glam rocker. Conway versus California. The guy next door versus the guyliner. LOL.

Order is:
Contestant’s favorite song from the season
Producers’ choice
Coronation single (written by Kara DioGuardi)

Kris won the coin toss and chose to sing last.

I wish the contestants’ choices were the last ones!! Adam and Kris each picked a great performance from the season –I think it will be the coronation single or the producers’ choice that wins it. Adam got a better producers’ pick, I feel — but we will see. I think we will be seeing an instrument from Kris tonight, which is nice. However, probably not on the single — I heard the contestants can rearrange the song to suit them, but they can’t play an instrument on it. Wonder if an anti-Kris producer made that rule. LOL.

Stay tuned…

Adam sings Mad World again. He’s coming down the stairs in a pool of smoke and lights. He’s wearing some sort of dark long trenchcoat! He sounds great. I kinda like him better singing this on the stool all in white, though — but vocally, he sounds better this time around, I feel. Randy says he’s glad he chose something from the season (they had to, duh) and gives him an A+ and A for Adam. Kara talks about him being an artist with that performance. Paula says he looks incredibly handsome and is so proud of him being up there and his long journey. Simon loves him singing it but thought it was over-theatrical and a bit Phantom of the Opera-ish. Adam mentions something about the dry ice. He’s revving up the voters, I’m sure.

Kris apparently charged people a quarter to sing for him because he was too shy. He made his mom a set of coupons that she can use for him to sing whenever she wants. Ain’t No Sunshine on a GRAND PIANO!! He sounds great! People are clapping to the beat; girls are screaming. LOL. Violins going. Final note is better this time than last. They won’t throw him under the bus because it will rev up his voters too much! Randy talks about the kind of record he will make, says it’s one of his best performances ever. Kara talks about the bond he forges with the audience on every song and the connection which he will “kill with” on his record. Paula says he Allen-izes everything. Simon says he takes back what he thought about America maybe not making the right choice after that performance. Finally!!!!

Simon says Kris wins round 1!

Is Simon being sincere, or trying to mess with things like he did with the Davids last year? I do think he meant what he said to Kris about his deserving to be there. It’s just funny how the pimping has taken this long to begin. He’s been this amazing all season long.

This has the potential to be the best finale ever.

Adam singing Change Is Gonna Come. Wearing a silver suit. Very bluesy. I can imagine this is very emotional for him, as it was for Syesha. Guitar players out there with him. He sounds very into it. Signature wail! He looks like he might even be in tears. Great glory note. He immediately gives a shoutout to the guitar players. Randy says he can sing his face off and it was unbelievable. Kara thinks it may have been his best interpretation — the high notes and pulling it back, both. Best Paula’s ever heard him sing. She knows he’ll be iconic no matter what. Simon says he’s 100% back in the game. Like he was ever out of it?

Ryan says Paula’s wearing [something], Simon’s wearing buttons, this is the American Idol finale!

Kris is up next with What’s Goin’ On. Sabotage?

Yes! Guitar! This sounds John Mayer-ish. We’ve got a small combo up on stage. Wow, this is good. Hopefully he will get some arrangement cred! He’s very into it. I love the passion in his voice. Everyone’s clapping along to the beat. I am loving this arrangement! His vocals were awesome too! Randy says it was a duel, but thinks it was too light. Kara loves his being true to himself. She likes the socially conscious message and thinks Kris is the type of artist who can deliver that. Paula says she tore it up and made Marvin Gaye proud. Simon thinks it was like three friends strumming in their bedroom, too laidback for tonight. Bullshit.

Simon says this round is a million percent Adam. Kris smiles and nods.

Grrr. The comments from the guys there – ridiculous. You can still get the emotional, social content of the song without hitting us over the head with it. I thought the emotion came across better because the arrangement wasn’t so full-blown. The highlight of the performance was the emotion, not the theatrics. Oh well. They’re evening the playing field.

The real test will be who wins on the coronation single. The suspense!

Adam singing No Boundaries. I think he’s a bit off in parts here, but the arrangement definitely suits him. It’s almost got a light metal vibe about it. He seems very emotional. Randy and Kara making weird faces at each other. Randy says he can sing the phone book. He said it was pitchy in spots and not his best. Kara thanks him for singing her song; Adam says it was a beautiful song. Paula is in awe of him and says he’s brought so much to this season. Simon says he won’t judge the song, he will judge Adam, and says over the course of the season, he has been one of the best, most original contestants on the show ever. He says you hope to find a worldwide star and he believes with all of his heart that they have found that in him.

Adam says he enjoyed getting to do all of the songs, especially the Sam Cooke song. Ryan calls him a class act.

Kris with the same song, next! Will he rearrange it???

The arrangement has more of an acoustic sound. It’s a little hard to hear him. He’s really into it — oh the mic stand drag. The judges will probably call it for Adam, but I liked this better (if Bandzilla had been softer). Randy says he is an amazing competitor and thinks the song may have fit him a little better than it did Adam, but it may have been too high. Kara congratulates him and hopes people vote on the season. Paula says he deserves where he is in the spotlight. Simon thinks the highlight was his first song, but he has grown so much throughout the competition from his audition where he had no confidence. He says he definitely deserves that spot up there. He says it was incredible to watch him up there tonight. Kris says who knows what will happen, but he and Adam said they weren’t competing tonight, they came out to give a good show.

My favorite finale ever. Why? Because I loved every performance tonight.

Carrie singing Home Sweet Home amidst a montage.

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Top 3 – Results Show

Posted by Molly M M on May 13, 2009

Interesting Night at the Museum 2 schtick by Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill, Bill Hader, and Hank Azaria.

88 million votes?!?!!! Only a million separating the top 2?? What about the bottom two???

Katy Perry? Yuck.

More cartoony Ford videos??

Alicia Keys talking about Idol Gives Back. She’s such a beautiful person. And we have a young Rwandan boy named Noah singing!! He has learned the song in just one week! Wow. (No sarcasm here, truly.) He’s dancin’! Not real easy to distinguish his voice from whoever’s singing background though… Okay, the backups are all different ethnicities… neat. That was not as inspiring as I wish it had been, but not too bad.

Hometown visits comin’ up…

They are playing “Starlight” by Muse for Danny’s hometown video. Love that song. Mention of Jamar!! (He was better than Danny.) Danny’s crying with Jamar next to him on the parade. LOL “Scream On” sign. I don’t love that Danny gets the Green Bay Packers backing. But where are they on this clip?

They’re not actually going to give the result yet, are they?? Of course not!

Kris!!!!! He went to his favorite restaurant in Conway, AR, and he gets free cheese dip for life! He must’ve been totally overwhelmed. Whoops on caller #8. Love the “woooo!!” He jumps off the stage to be flooded with fans. Hugs with Mom and Dad! And now we have “Falling Slowly” playing!! Oh my gosh. Just him and an acoustic guitar. Nice. And the wife!! Really emotional family. Kris says to the crowd, “You’ve changed my life.”

Jordin Sparks plus Adam’s hometown visit, I assume?

Sorry, got distracted. Jordin kinda sucked.

Lambert talks about the streaker… “got excited and took her top off.” That’s putting it mildly. LOL, the eyeliner. Adam is really grateful. He goes to the theater group he was in as a child. He gives advice to the little ones. Getting some Who action here. “Baba O’Riley”! Streaker! National Anthem! (Why no footage of Danny singing?)

Oh man this is intense. But we get Katy Perry first — right?

Still can’t believe there’s only 1 million votes between the top two. This is like Ruben-Clay closeness. I hope this means it’s Adam and Kris… that would be something.

Ryan says Danny said he just wants it to be over. Adam, off-screen, yells “I want to see Katy Perry!” Katy comes out wearing… a cape with Adam Lambert written on the back? Wow, “Waking Up in Vegas”? And the trend of family-friendly live performances continues!! She has the CRAZY EYES on tonight. Not too great.

Side note: I don’t watch Bones, but I kinda want to see those two hook up tomorrow. Even if it’s in a dream.

Okay, results… oy.

KRIS!!!! Oh my God!!!!

Who else??


Wow. I can’t believe it!!!!

Suck on it, producers!!!

Danny’s video was nice, until he said the bit at the end… I’m that guy. Um, humble much?

Danny does sound nice on this. I won’t mind if he sings this one for his wife. I’m not loving the judges’ tears. Adam and Kris deserve to be there! Don’t take their win away from them!

Simon says none of them could have predicted this, no disrespect. (No disrespect to who??) Simon also says that Kris’s second song, especially, made him a real contender… we could have a real ding-dong next week? What the? Do you mean showdown, Simon?

Regardless, I’m happy.

My mom is now convinced Kris is actually going to win. I honestly don’t care who does. I prefer Kris’s style… but I would love to see someone like Adam win it. For the first time EVER… I’m really torn.

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Top 3 – Thoughts Before the Results Show

Posted by Molly M M on May 13, 2009

I refuse to make a prediction… even though I accidentally succumbed to it on Twitter today. I won’t do it.

All I will say is that last night, Kris did exactly what he had to do in order to not be thrown under the bus… and that was to deliver an outstanding, original performance. What he did with “Heartless” by KANYE FREAKIN’ WEST (whom I LOOOOATHE by the way) ought to go down in the show’s history as one of its best performances. It was gutsy — did he even have ANY instrumentation besides his own acoustic guitar??? It was ballsy, ballsy like Bo Bice “In a Dream” ballsy. It was David Cook level of changed-up originality awesomeness. And it was CONTEMPORARY. Kris’s songs were much more current than anyone else’s last night, IMO.

I have to hand it to Adam and Danny both — they did do well last night. I still don’t think Danny’s anywhere the caliber the judges purport him to be, but he sang fairly well last night. He should have picked something more current for his own pick. I would have loved to see Adam pick something that shows a bit more what kind of record he’s going to make for his personal pick… but the way he delivered “One” by U2 was pretty awesome. (Check out MJ’s Big Blog to see how Simon Cowell actually DID have input on the way Adam arranged that song.)

Like I said… no predictions. All I know is, it will be close, and it will be exciting. And we’ll actually see hometown visit footage tonight! (My bad on forgetting it’s always during the results shows.)

Put the Go in Gokey! Maybe? Maybe it could happen? Maybe?

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Top 3 – Performance Show

Posted by Molly M M on May 12, 2009

Tonight’s blog won’t be as detailed, I’m afraid. I have plans shortly after the show, so only a half hour of Kris voting. I do know the performance order is Danny, Kris, Adam, which is bunk if you ask me, since Adam’s gone last several times and Kris hasn’t since, what, top 9?? Simon has also gone on TV today and said that Danny should be in the finale with Adam because Kris, though a nice guy, isn’t good enough.

This is the most blatantly manipulated season yet, in my opinion, from wild card onward. Kris and Allison never got the frontrunner status they deserved, or the good judge critiques, or the pre-lve shows screen time. Yet they are more “package artist” than Danny or, perhaps, even Adam. It’s just not fair. I will laugh my head off if Simon is proven wrong by Kris and he makes the finals. And I will be glad because he’s awesome, he’s grown, he’s shown originality, and he DESERVES it.

Coming up… the live show!

Danny Gokey – Dance Little Sister by Terence Trent D’arby (Paula’s pick)

This is a good song for his voice. Good but not spectacular. Randy and Paula loved it, Kara and Simon didn’t love the dancing and didn’t think it was that memorable.

Kris Allen – Apologize by OneRepublic (Randy and Kara’s pick)

The only problem, if any, is the falsetto. He’s on the piano and he sounds beautiful. So much passion in his voice. Simon is a fucking nut job. He’s changing up the melody so there’s not as much falsetto. Wow… Randy loves that it shows who he could be as an artist. Kara thinks it wasn’t out of the park enough, there wasn’t enough unique interpretation. (Wait for the next song!!) Paula calling out a bum note? Ridiculous. She thinks all of them deserve to be in the top two spots. Simon calls out Kara for blaming him for singing an interpretation she herself chose. He calls it merely competent as well.

Well. He’s pulling out all the stops on the next one. Just you wait. I know the song choice, and it’s definitely his biggest risk all season, no doubt.

Adam Lambert – One by U2 (Simon’s pick)

Adam appears to have changed this up a bit. Simon mentions getting personal permission from Bono to have him sing this. No pimping there at all. Adam is doing a mixture of tender and screamy. Randy didn’t love him going off the melody. (As Simon boos.) Kara thought he changed it up and made it unbelievable. She gives it a little back to Simon from before. Paula hates sitting next to him gloating. Simon compliments his own song choice, calls him brilliant, and says him not making the finals would be one of the biggest upsets ever.

There’s an Idol Gives Back report from Carrie Underwood. She really is a perfect American Idol: sweet, cute, talented, good role model.

How is this possibly going to end on time? Three songs, twelve judge critiques, and three clips of hometown visit footage????? With less than 20 minutes left???

Danny Gokey – You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker (personal song choice)

This was sung by Taylor this week last year… this solidifying the comparison. No hometown footage????

Kind of a cappella-ish at the beginning. Pared down arrangement. Very savvy choice — many people flove this song. Battle of the fanbases for sure, this week. Oh Danny, your falsetto ain’t so good. Gospel choir much? Grr, growling.

Tongue bath. Simon doesn’t like the arrangement. Vocal master class, though? REALLY?? Taylor did better, in my opinion. But I’m biased. Against Gokey. I do appreciate Danny’s saying he is gonna stop overanalyzing and just do what he does best. You weren’t as annoying tonight.

Kris Allen – Heartless by Kanye West

He’s totally changing this up. I am excited!! I hate Kanye, but I know Kris will be awesome. Many humble references.

Ooh a cappella beginning. Guitar. Is the band even present? Bold move, buddy. This is very Mraz-y. This is awesome. Passionate… and hard to spit out all those lyrics. I am biased but this is a moment. Please acknowledge it, judges!!

Randy says he likes it better than the original. Kara calls him fearless for standing there with the guitar like that. Paula calls him brave for singing a song about Simon. Simon had written him out after hearing the song choice, but that has all changed now. Even Ryan admits it’s going to be a crazy results show, has no idea how things will turn out.

Kris came into this probably knowing he was the extreme underdog. He knew what he had to do, to deliver his gutsiest performance ever. And he did.

Adam Lambert – Cryin’ by Aerosmith

He says he’s twisted it his own way but won’t be veering away from it too much. It’s good, but there’s nothing phenomenal about it. This is actually a relatively weak night for him. But, tongue bath! As expected. Randy likes this more than his last song. Kara asks how he can sing those notes and still talk the next day. She tentatively says we’ll see how in the finals. Simon wants to make sure we don’t assume he will be there, but that he deserves it and so vote for him. Adam says it’s an honor to be in the presence of Kris and Danny.

Nice picks for Kris’s video blips. Where he sounded the worst. Grrrrr.

Come on, Kris fans. Prove them wrong.

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Top 3 – Song Spoilers

Posted by Molly M M on May 8, 2009

Hello everyone. I had to take a few days to compose myself after Wednesday’s ridiculous elimination of one red-haired rocker chick, and saving of one glasses-wearing, glass-shattering-screaming dead wife pimper.

Now that I have done so, I am fully psyched about what Kris and Adam will bring to the table for Top 3 Week!! Each contestant is currently back home celebrating their Top 3 placement with concerts, interviews, parade, and all that jazz. MJ’s Big Blog is covering much of the shenanigans, so head on over and check it out.

Top 3 Week is probably my favorite week on Idol. I think it’s even better than the final two week. Traditionally, each contestant sings three songs on Top 3 Week: producers’ choice, judges’ choice, and contestants’ choice. However, due to the fourth judge/no one able to comment in under 20 seconds thing, this has been shortened to TWO SONGS which sucks. Luckily, judges’ choice and contestants’ choice, the best of the three songs, remain. Yays!

Each judge picks a song for one of the contestants. Since we have four judges this year, what to do? Well Kara is not picking songs for anyone; instead, with her songwriter background, she is penning this year’s coronation single. I’m not sure how I feel about this. All of the coronation songs are treacly messes, whether they be by legit songwriters or be by the songwriting contest they’ve had for the past few years. Even with the public voting, we end up with a craptastic song. Maybe Kara’s will be good.

Anyway, this leaves Randy, Paula, and Simon to choose for the contestants. Interesting to note which judges have picked songs for the Idol winners (I only know back to season 3 on this):

Season 3 – Fantasia – Simon picked

Season 4 – Carrie – Randy picked

Season 5 – Taylor – Randy picked

Season 6 – Jordin – Simon picked

Season 7 – DCook – Simon picked

I am glad to hear, then, that Paula is picking for Gokey! Has Paula ever picked the song for the eventual winner? She does tend to pick the runners up which scares me a little… but anyway… without further ado… the song picks:

Adam – picked by Simon – “One” by U2

EDIT: This pick is NOT confirmed. Other sources are saying “Wicked” by Chris Isaak.

Danny – picked by Paula – “Dance Little Sister” by Terence Trent D’Arby

Kris – picked by Randy – “Apologize” by OneRepublic

I will start by saying I have never even heard of Danny’s choice (song, or even artist). Upon a listen, it sounds like a song Paula would pick for HERSELF to sing. There is a lot of throaty growl in the singer’s voice, which works to Danny’s advantage. But it’s obscure and kind of unmemorable.

I am shocked Randy didn’t slap Kris with a horrible song choice. Syesha was saddled with a horrific producers’ pick last year, which didn’t help the innumerable odds already stacked against her. I am shocked the bus did not arrive for Kris via song choice. This is a contemporary song, and one well suited to Kris’s style, I feel. It does have a lot of falsetto in it, however, and Kris has been known to struggle with it. I hope he rearranges the song in a way that works for his voice.

Adam – what can I say? I think I knew Simon was going to pick a U2 song for him. I wouldn’t call “One” my favorite song by U2, but it’s not a bad pick. I can hear Adam doing well with Bono’s soaring style.

EDIT: If the pick is the Chris Isaak song instead, I don’t know it and haven’t had the chance to find it online… so I don’t have an opinion yet!

Now I just wonder what the contestants have picked for themselves to sing… hopefully not repeats of past performances like some Season 6 contestants did!! Please!! Kris — “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz is WAITING FOR YOU!

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Top 4 – Results Show

Posted by Molly M M on May 6, 2009

Let’s get it on like Donkey Kong! Put the Go in Gokey!

NOTES: This blog is shamelessly anti-Gokey. Sorry.

Also, there is profanity in this post. Be warned!

Over 60 million some votes last night. More votes than ever outside a finale!

Wondering about tonight’s seat placement. Hmm.

Ford video to “Move Along.” Decidedly short tonight.

Idols sing “School’s Out” with Slash on guitar. Allison gets to push around all the guys, and gets to duet with Adam. Nice! (Quote from Mom: “Those two really have a connection! The inner rocker…)

Oh the suspense is killing me! And Paula’s performing later! Oh Em Gee!!

Simon tells Kris we don’t want humble anymore. SHUT. UP. Adam was excited that they got the Zeppelin song. Danny thought he did well on the final note of “Dream On” while singing it, but later laughed all night about it. Uhhhh… He thinks the scream will be in movies pretty soon. (Quote from Mom: “That shouldn’t be your funniest moment on Idol, what about scariest?”) Allison thinks Simon was asking for her to talk back so she had to!

Paula performs… She’s dancing too. She sounds like Britney. Her voice must be so poor they have to computerize it. (Quote from Mom: “The guys are all dressed like Ryan…”) Haha, are they actually trying to make us think Paula and No Doubt are live?

Gwen sounds a little strange… She’s workin’ it though. Why are you doing pushups????!! You are already out of breath!!! She’s jumping all over the place. (Quote from Mom: “She’s gonna fall over if she keeps jumping!”) No Doubt is launching a massive tour but no new album. Sounds like they’ll be writing ON the tour, to get inspired. (I might be going to one of their shows in fact…)

Idols are waiting backstage. Videos of past hometown visits… cool! Where is Melinda?

The finalists will be announced in random order. Ryan’s recapping each performance. Tries to psych out Danny by saying “after the nationwide vote… moving on to Adam.”

First person to safety… Adam I bet!

Kris is safe!!! OMG!!!

He’s crying!! His wife is so happy! Is that his brother with her? I know he has a brother.

I am now very worried about Allison… Please be wrong, DialIdol…

They’re mentioning the shock elimination of Daughtry this week 3 years ago. He didn’t need no Idol win… He sounds decent tonight. I wasn’t watching Idol back then, so I don’t have too much to say. For once 🙂 Chris is cool. They let “our other Kris” give him his multi-platinum album. Nice. This is why he was called safe first!

Either Adam will be called safe next, or they’ll eliminate someone outright. Please not Allison!!! She deserves to stay, and so does Adam.

SYTYCD commercial! Woo! But enough commercials already!

Second person safe… I’m guessing Adam. But wouldn’t it be interesting if it was Danny? Leaving the duet-ers together.

Nope, Adam!

Come on. Please save Allison.

Danny safe. FUCK.

Allison gets a standing O from at least Randy and Kara.

Damn it. She’s crying. 😦 Is she all by herself up there? How mean. She says she already feels like she has won something. And now she has to sing “Cry Baby.” That sucks.

Screw you, Simon, for not standing. You were always against her. Always.

This blows. I’m so happy for Kris, but I wanted it to be at Danny’s expense, not Allison’s. She gets a big hug from Kara, and all of the other contestants.

What can I say? The wrong person wet home. And next week I will be even more heartbroken when Dead Wife Pimper makes the final over my Kris. 😦

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Top 4 – Thoughts Before the Results Show

Posted by Molly M M on May 6, 2009

Oh man. What can I say about this week on Idol? I guess a disclaimer — if you have mad love for Danny Gokey, you better leave this site right now. Then again, if you have mad love for Danny Gokey, you probably stopped reading my blog a long time ago.

I guess I will start with Adam, the clear frontrunner and winner from last night. You may be wondering, Molly, why does it bug you so much when Danny is pimped, and not so much when Adam is? That isn’t a bad point. I do get a little upset at the constant Adam pimping. He can do no wrong in the judges’ eyes. I also don’t like when Paula makes premonitions about the finals at the top 13.

The thing about Adam is that I think he deserves the credit he gets. He is extremely original, and he has one of the best voices EVER on this show, if not THE best. He is an insane talent. The other thing I like about him is that I don’t detect an ounce of megalomania in him. He’s always been extremely gracious, humble, and he always gives shoutouts to the band, the original song, etc. The only time I have ever been offended by Adam is when he picked a group last week and, I’m guessing, assumed he was safe. But I attribute that to his being put on the spot, and to him probably knowing that, historically, the contestant put on the spot like this every year is safe, so why wouldn’t he assume the same for himself? I don’t know. It was a weird moment but I don’t fault him for it.

I would not call Adam Lambert my favorite vocalist this season. I prefer Kris, and even Allison to an extent, stylistically. I actually think Adam is my favorite personality-wise this season, and I give him props for his mad talent as well. I actually think he deserves to win American Idol more than probably anyone else up there, not only just for his insane talent, but also for his years of busting his ass in the entertainment business for very little credit, paying his dues, etc. He’s worked hard at his dream, and I’d love to see that hard work pay off with an American Idol win. And, mind you, this statement — that Adam Lambert ought to win — is coming from someone who votes 500 times for Kris every week and who would move over to Allison if Kris was eliminated.

Honestly, as long as Danny Gokey doesn’t win Idol, I think I will be somewhat pleased. Although I will not be pleased if Danny Gokey continues on in the competition at the expense of my favorites.

Michael Slezak of had a vision of an Adam/Allison/Kris final three back in the top 13 week. It’s crazy that it could actually happen. And the best chance of that happening, aside from the judges derailing Danny completely, was opened up last night when Danny bombed his solo performance, and when the duet performance didn’t go that well.

I’m not going to make a prediction about tonight. I really don’t think I can. The only prediction I will make is that Adam Lambert is safe, and perhaps even that he is called safe first.

DialIdol lists Allison as last, and because of her bottom three appearances and some of her good comments last night, I worry about her fanbase. She was amazing last night, though, and she deserves to continue in the competition. She could make the top two at this rate.

Kris got completely run over with the judge bus last night (and to some extent, Allison did as well), and rock week wasn’t really set up to be good for him. I thought he gave a very good performance last night, on one of my favorite songs, but got no credit. He looks tired, like the energy is leaving him. At least he got to perform a Beatles song — one of his personal influences.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Kris or Allison went home, even though I will be very sad about it.

Despite Simon saying Danny would be safe, I also would not be surprised if Danny went home. Danny is not considered safe on DialIdol, and he over-performs on that site. A prediction site called has him leaving tonight. It has been accurate all season long. Like I said before, the best chance of Danny leaving was granted last night with that one horrific wail on “Dream On.”

—Begin rant on “Dream On.”—

I’m sorry, Danny, but did you not learn from Michael Johns? That song is a shock boot song on Idol if there ever was one. If Danny gets the boot tonight, I think that song ought to be banned from Idol forever — but instead it will be encouraged because Idol producers love the drama of a shock boot. Adam is the only one who could have pulled off that note at the end. At first I thought, well, you tried, I’ll give you that. But then I thought, no, if you are that self-absorbed that you can’t realize you can’t pull off a note like that, no, you deserve no credit, you attention-hungry little child. Even Slash knew he couldn’t pull it off. Did you see his sly look when he said the performance will hinge on that note? Whitney Pastorek of described it as “Dementor-like.” (Harry Potter reference FTW!)

I could get into every judge comment and how set up we are all being for an Adam/Danny finale because of them. (Simon saying Danny was better than Kris in the duet would be an example — pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Why? Because Danny tried to overpower Kris in the duet instead of allowing them to blend and complement each other?) But I won’t. I will just say that if Danny is eliminated, and Adam/Allison/Kris is the final three, I will be incredibly happy, and barring any judge-throwing-contestants-under-the-bus behavior, I will not complain the rest of the season. I would love to hear anything else all of those three have to offer, and while Kris is my personal favorite, I’d be happy with any of them winning or making the final.

Please. Let’s put the Go in Gokey once and for all!

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Top 4 – Performance Show

Posted by Molly M M on May 5, 2009

Sorry for the delay, people! Sounds like it was a crazy day on the Idol set. The stage manager fell off the 20-foot staircase, and then one of the Idol globes crashed and broke. The contestants didn’t even get a dress rehearsal! Yikes. I hope this isn’t a sign of bad luck to come this evening…

Here’s hoping for a Gokey fail… otherwise Kris could be in trouble. 😦

ADAM LAMBERT – Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin

A whole lotta awesome. But if he was worried about votes last week, he certainly didn’t seem to be, as he is as glam rocker-ish as ever. Gobs of eyeliner and mascara, and was he wearing a leotard? Anyway, it was awesome, and the judges agreed.


ALLISON IRAHETA – Cry Baby by Janis Joplin

She was interested in singing either this or “Somebody to Love” by Jefferson Airplane. Hmmmmm… tough choice. I hope Allison nails this.

Allison is looking more confident than usual. I like her opening on this. The softer parts are as good, if not better, than the high wailing stuff. Good job! Hope the judges feel the same.

Randy didn’t love the song choice?? Needed more melody? You suck, Randy. Kara thinks Janis is a good choice for her but not that particular song, asked if she was nervous. Kara likes how Allison transforms when she comes onstage — hits Simon for his hits on Allison’s personality. Paula thinks she should play Janis in a biopic. Simon thinks Allison has had “staggering” improvement over the weeks of competition, but his own criticism was that the performance was a little soundalike (but that’s a compliment, he says), not room for originality. He would have chosen the song by Queen (but the song they referred to in the segment was the Jefferson Airplane “Somebody to Love,” not the Queen one!) Allison defends her song choice (the others have been too overdone or would be safe) and says, “you’re always saying I don’t talk enough, maybe I should just talk a lot!” Wow. Simon likes that she’s arguing for herself. That was kind of a weird judge discussion there.

Kris and Danny next… but which is first? Probs Kris…

KRIS AND DANNY DUET – Renegade by Styx

Nice harmonies here… Danny’s overpowering a bit, no surprise. It sounded good and I liked Kris’s rocker look.

Randy really liked the harmonies. He thought that was the best part. Kara says some pitchy moments. Paula thought it was powerful and compelling. Simon says Danny was better than Kris. Ugh. He so was not. Danny hogs attention in the chat with Ryan as well. Gaaaaahh.

They’re totally throwing Kris under the bus tonight. I can feel it.

KRIS ALLEN – Come Together by the Beatles

Nice! This is one of my karaoke songs!!

Sounds good so far. This song has tricky lyrics. Doing it in a very hard rock style. Nice phrasing in the middle here. And the slowed down, pared back part — nice! Most original arrangement tonight! I think he succeeds at doing rock, despite the doubters! Suck it!

Randy compliments his guitar playing! He says he did well despite it not being his genre. He seemed to like it. Kara didn’t like it. Bus… bus… bus… lame. Paula loves his artistic delivery and his imprint, calls him an artist. Simon doesn’t like it, compares it to eating ice for lunch. He still doesn’t think anything will top Adam tonight. Many girls yell when Ryan asks if Kris deserves to be in the finale.

DANNY GOKEY – Dream On by Aerosmith

Doesn’t Danny do his Idol homework and realize this song offed Michael Johns last year? Let’s hope the curse continues…

His screaming in the rehearsal with Slash is scary… You so don’t have the rock wail, Danny! Some of it has a nice sound, but some of the high notes seem tuneless to me. The wail is wow… scary. But will the judges agree with me? I guess I appreciate that he went for it.

Randy says it was all right, but A+ for valiant effort. Kara says he took the swagger a little too far. Kara commends him for taking chances. (But Kris doesn’t??) Paula incites the screams of Danny fans. Simon keeps it real, says the last note was like a horror movie, but still thinks he’ll be safe. Danny doesn’t think it’s as bad as the judges say it was. Ryan reminds us he’s never been in the bottom 3.

Adam sings first and last tonight. No surprise!

I think if Kris had done what Danny did, it would have been called a trainwreck. With Danny, the judges had to remind us how good he is usually… grrrrrrr. Quit making excuses for him!!


They’re rocking it. What else can I say?They were destined to be awesome. It’s their week!

Judges love it. Allison signs! Simon says they win the duets battle and that Adam gave Allison a chance to stay in the competition.

If any justice… Danny will be toast. Please don’t let the judges sway your intelligence, America! I mean really.

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Top 4 – Theme Announcement!

Posted by Molly M M on May 1, 2009

The top 4 — Adam, Allison, Danny, and Kris — will be singing ROCK songs this week on Idol.

What does that mean? It could mean anything, but here’s what we know for sure:

1. The mentor is Slash of Guns N’ Roses fame. He’s been Twittering about being their mentor all week. Follow him here.

2. For the second week in a row, the usual two-song-per-Idol format has been scrapped, most likely because the four-judge format takes too long and they won’t be able to fairly make it through 8 total songs. Producers, why did you not think this through before hiring a fourth judge and/or scheduling the show lengths? One individual song per Idol this week…

3. However, there are reports that the Idols will be singing duets with one another. On one hand, this could be super awesome. On the other, this could open a can of worms, especially with producer manipulation… who will get to duet together? Will judges say that a favorite contestant outsang his/her partner? This could be done fairly, or it could not be… But I’m sure the Idols themselves will enjoy dueting with one of their close friends (as they all seem to be).

4. Last year, the top 4 had a rock week as well, and there was a song list, I believe of the top 500 songs in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I’m thinking it might be the same this year, but who knows.

What do you think the Idols will sing? Do you like the duets idea? And since the current format has caused the Idols to not have to learn two songs for two weeks in a row, how will this pan out in the top 3 and top 2 when three songs each are required? Can the Idols handle it? (Or will those formats be scrapped, too?)

Chat it up…

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