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Top 4 – Theme Announcement!

Posted by Molly M M on May 1, 2009

The top 4 — Adam, Allison, Danny, and Kris — will be singing ROCK songs this week on Idol.

What does that mean? It could mean anything, but here’s what we know for sure:

1. The mentor is Slash of Guns N’ Roses fame. He’s been Twittering about being their mentor all week. Follow him here.

2. For the second week in a row, the usual two-song-per-Idol format has been scrapped, most likely because the four-judge format takes too long and they won’t be able to fairly make it through 8 total songs. Producers, why did you not think this through before hiring a fourth judge and/or scheduling the show lengths? One individual song per Idol this week…

3. However, there are reports that the Idols will be singing duets with one another. On one hand, this could be super awesome. On the other, this could open a can of worms, especially with producer manipulation… who will get to duet together? Will judges say that a favorite contestant outsang his/her partner? This could be done fairly, or it could not be… But I’m sure the Idols themselves will enjoy dueting with one of their close friends (as they all seem to be).

4. Last year, the top 4 had a rock week as well, and there was a song list, I believe of the top 500 songs in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I’m thinking it might be the same this year, but who knows.

What do you think the Idols will sing? Do you like the duets idea? And since the current format has caused the Idols to not have to learn two songs for two weeks in a row, how will this pan out in the top 3 and top 2 when three songs each are required? Can the Idols handle it? (Or will those formats be scrapped, too?)

Chat it up…


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