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Top 4 – Performance Show

Posted by Molly M M on May 5, 2009

Sorry for the delay, people! Sounds like it was a crazy day on the Idol set. The stage manager fell off the 20-foot staircase, and then one of the Idol globes crashed and broke. The contestants didn’t even get a dress rehearsal! Yikes. I hope this isn’t a sign of bad luck to come this evening…

Here’s hoping for a Gokey fail… otherwise Kris could be in trouble. 😦

ADAM LAMBERT – Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin

A whole lotta awesome. But if he was worried about votes last week, he certainly didn’t seem to be, as he is as glam rocker-ish as ever. Gobs of eyeliner and mascara, and was he wearing a leotard? Anyway, it was awesome, and the judges agreed.


ALLISON IRAHETA – Cry Baby by Janis Joplin

She was interested in singing either this or “Somebody to Love” by Jefferson Airplane. Hmmmmm… tough choice. I hope Allison nails this.

Allison is looking more confident than usual. I like her opening on this. The softer parts are as good, if not better, than the high wailing stuff. Good job! Hope the judges feel the same.

Randy didn’t love the song choice?? Needed more melody? You suck, Randy. Kara thinks Janis is a good choice for her but not that particular song, asked if she was nervous. Kara likes how Allison transforms when she comes onstage — hits Simon for his hits on Allison’s personality. Paula thinks she should play Janis in a biopic. Simon thinks Allison has had “staggering” improvement over the weeks of competition, but his own criticism was that the performance was a little soundalike (but that’s a compliment, he says), not room for originality. He would have chosen the song by Queen (but the song they referred to in the segment was the Jefferson Airplane “Somebody to Love,” not the Queen one!) Allison defends her song choice (the others have been too overdone or would be safe) and says, “you’re always saying I don’t talk enough, maybe I should just talk a lot!” Wow. Simon likes that she’s arguing for herself. That was kind of a weird judge discussion there.

Kris and Danny next… but which is first? Probs Kris…

KRIS AND DANNY DUET – Renegade by Styx

Nice harmonies here… Danny’s overpowering a bit, no surprise. It sounded good and I liked Kris’s rocker look.

Randy really liked the harmonies. He thought that was the best part. Kara says some pitchy moments. Paula thought it was powerful and compelling. Simon says Danny was better than Kris. Ugh. He so was not. Danny hogs attention in the chat with Ryan as well. Gaaaaahh.

They’re totally throwing Kris under the bus tonight. I can feel it.

KRIS ALLEN – Come Together by the Beatles

Nice! This is one of my karaoke songs!!

Sounds good so far. This song has tricky lyrics. Doing it in a very hard rock style. Nice phrasing in the middle here. And the slowed down, pared back part — nice! Most original arrangement tonight! I think he succeeds at doing rock, despite the doubters! Suck it!

Randy compliments his guitar playing! He says he did well despite it not being his genre. He seemed to like it. Kara didn’t like it. Bus… bus… bus… lame. Paula loves his artistic delivery and his imprint, calls him an artist. Simon doesn’t like it, compares it to eating ice for lunch. He still doesn’t think anything will top Adam tonight. Many girls yell when Ryan asks if Kris deserves to be in the finale.

DANNY GOKEY – Dream On by Aerosmith

Doesn’t Danny do his Idol homework and realize this song offed Michael Johns last year? Let’s hope the curse continues…

His screaming in the rehearsal with Slash is scary… You so don’t have the rock wail, Danny! Some of it has a nice sound, but some of the high notes seem tuneless to me. The wail is wow… scary. But will the judges agree with me? I guess I appreciate that he went for it.

Randy says it was all right, but A+ for valiant effort. Kara says he took the swagger a little too far. Kara commends him for taking chances. (But Kris doesn’t??) Paula incites the screams of Danny fans. Simon keeps it real, says the last note was like a horror movie, but still thinks he’ll be safe. Danny doesn’t think it’s as bad as the judges say it was. Ryan reminds us he’s never been in the bottom 3.

Adam sings first and last tonight. No surprise!

I think if Kris had done what Danny did, it would have been called a trainwreck. With Danny, the judges had to remind us how good he is usually… grrrrrrr. Quit making excuses for him!!


They’re rocking it. What else can I say?They were destined to be awesome. It’s their week!

Judges love it. Allison signs! Simon says they win the duets battle and that Adam gave Allison a chance to stay in the competition.

If any justice… Danny will be toast. Please don’t let the judges sway your intelligence, America! I mean really.


9 Responses to “Top 4 – Performance Show”

  1. Susie :D said

    I don’t know what they want from Allison!!! She always does so well .. . (also . .this live traffic feed is totally creepy .)

  2. Molly M M said

    Someone in Helsinki loves me… lol.

  3. Denise said

    WTF Danny and this song is SCARY- ruining rock night

  4. Becca said

    Danny better go home tomorrow or America is DEAF.

  5. Susie :D said

    What was that A+ for effort nonsense?? They’re just babying him. It was super lame, and that was a great song with a lot of promise, he should’ve been able to do well!! Can it pleeeease be his turn to go?? :/

  6. Denise said

    slow ride by foghat

  7. Stacy said

    I was gonna tell you Slow Ride is by Foghat, but Denise beat me to it!

    Also, I so voted based on duets, plus Kris. I’m so over Danny Gokey. Actually, I’ve never really been a fan of his. Here’s to hoping he goes home (esp. after ruining one of the best Aerosmith songs.)

  8. Anna said

    My friends and I actually _cringed_ and flinched away from the tv during the screech of an animal sound that Danny called a falsetto! The strobe lights were also not helping at all. You’re absolutely right, if there is any justice in the world then Danny will be sent packing tomorrow night. I voted like crazy for Allison because I figured you had voted like crazy for Kris! 🙂

  9. Molly M M said

    My vote totals for Kris have been in the 400-500s lately… I hope he and Allison are safe! Adam’s the only guaranteed safe one, I think.

    All I can say about Danny is that if Michael Johns got the boot singing “Dream On,” Danny ought to as well, since Michael’s version was MUCH better than Danny’s.

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