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Top 4 – Results Show

Posted by Molly M M on May 6, 2009

Let’s get it on like Donkey Kong! Put the Go in Gokey!

NOTES: This blog is shamelessly anti-Gokey. Sorry.

Also, there is profanity in this post. Be warned!

Over 60 million some votes last night. More votes than ever outside a finale!

Wondering about tonight’s seat placement. Hmm.

Ford video to “Move Along.” Decidedly short tonight.

Idols sing “School’s Out” with Slash on guitar. Allison gets to push around all the guys, and gets to duet with Adam. Nice! (Quote from Mom: “Those two really have a connection! The inner rocker…)

Oh the suspense is killing me! And Paula’s performing later! Oh Em Gee!!

Simon tells Kris we don’t want humble anymore. SHUT. UP. Adam was excited that they got the Zeppelin song. Danny thought he did well on the final note of “Dream On” while singing it, but later laughed all night about it. Uhhhh… He thinks the scream will be in movies pretty soon. (Quote from Mom: “That shouldn’t be your funniest moment on Idol, what about scariest?”) Allison thinks Simon was asking for her to talk back so she had to!

Paula performs… She’s dancing too. She sounds like Britney. Her voice must be so poor they have to computerize it. (Quote from Mom: “The guys are all dressed like Ryan…”) Haha, are they actually trying to make us think Paula and No Doubt are live?

Gwen sounds a little strange… She’s workin’ it though. Why are you doing pushups????!! You are already out of breath!!! She’s jumping all over the place. (Quote from Mom: “She’s gonna fall over if she keeps jumping!”) No Doubt is launching a massive tour but no new album. Sounds like they’ll be writing ON the tour, to get inspired. (I might be going to one of their shows in fact…)

Idols are waiting backstage. Videos of past hometown visits… cool! Where is Melinda?

The finalists will be announced in random order. Ryan’s recapping each performance. Tries to psych out Danny by saying “after the nationwide vote… moving on to Adam.”

First person to safety… Adam I bet!

Kris is safe!!! OMG!!!

He’s crying!! His wife is so happy! Is that his brother with her? I know he has a brother.

I am now very worried about Allison… Please be wrong, DialIdol…

They’re mentioning the shock elimination of Daughtry this week 3 years ago. He didn’t need no Idol win… He sounds decent tonight. I wasn’t watching Idol back then, so I don’t have too much to say. For once 🙂 Chris is cool. They let “our other Kris” give him his multi-platinum album. Nice. This is why he was called safe first!

Either Adam will be called safe next, or they’ll eliminate someone outright. Please not Allison!!! She deserves to stay, and so does Adam.

SYTYCD commercial! Woo! But enough commercials already!

Second person safe… I’m guessing Adam. But wouldn’t it be interesting if it was Danny? Leaving the duet-ers together.

Nope, Adam!

Come on. Please save Allison.

Danny safe. FUCK.

Allison gets a standing O from at least Randy and Kara.

Damn it. She’s crying. 😦 Is she all by herself up there? How mean. She says she already feels like she has won something. And now she has to sing “Cry Baby.” That sucks.

Screw you, Simon, for not standing. You were always against her. Always.

This blows. I’m so happy for Kris, but I wanted it to be at Danny’s expense, not Allison’s. She gets a big hug from Kara, and all of the other contestants.

What can I say? The wrong person wet home. And next week I will be even more heartbroken when Dead Wife Pimper makes the final over my Kris. 😦


6 Responses to “Top 4 – Results Show”

  1. Susie :D said

    I usually hate No Doubt, but Gwen was pretty endearing ..

  2. Susie :D said

    AH! The cutest part was when Kris hugged somebody (Adam maybe?) and he looked sooooo tiny!! ❤

  3. Becca said


  4. Stacy said

    I call shenanigans. SHENANIGANS I SAY. I really really really dislike Gokey. Forever.

  5. Anna said

    well, it looks like I’ll be voting for Kris next week. so sadness!!!

  6. Molly M M said

    I call shenanigans too, Stacy!

    I am extremely happy for Kris — he was so shocked and everyone showered him with love. What a great moment. But to think then it had to come to Allison going… it’s unfair. I was a fool to think it wouldn’t be one of those two tonight. 😦

    Adam/Allison/Kris would have been such a fun final three. All three of them are clearly close. It would have been a riot! I wouldn’t have cared who won!

    Here’s hoping for an Adam/Kris finale now.

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