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Top 4 – Thoughts Before the Results Show

Posted by Molly M M on May 6, 2009

Oh man. What can I say about this week on Idol? I guess a disclaimer — if you have mad love for Danny Gokey, you better leave this site right now. Then again, if you have mad love for Danny Gokey, you probably stopped reading my blog a long time ago.

I guess I will start with Adam, the clear frontrunner and winner from last night. You may be wondering, Molly, why does it bug you so much when Danny is pimped, and not so much when Adam is? That isn’t a bad point. I do get a little upset at the constant Adam pimping. He can do no wrong in the judges’ eyes. I also don’t like when Paula makes premonitions about the finals at the top 13.

The thing about Adam is that I think he deserves the credit he gets. He is extremely original, and he has one of the best voices EVER on this show, if not THE best. He is an insane talent. The other thing I like about him is that I don’t detect an ounce of megalomania in him. He’s always been extremely gracious, humble, and he always gives shoutouts to the band, the original song, etc. The only time I have ever been offended by Adam is when he picked a group last week and, I’m guessing, assumed he was safe. But I attribute that to his being put on the spot, and to him probably knowing that, historically, the contestant put on the spot like this every year is safe, so why wouldn’t he assume the same for himself? I don’t know. It was a weird moment but I don’t fault him for it.

I would not call Adam Lambert my favorite vocalist this season. I prefer Kris, and even Allison to an extent, stylistically. I actually think Adam is my favorite personality-wise this season, and I give him props for his mad talent as well. I actually think he deserves to win American Idol more than probably anyone else up there, not only just for his insane talent, but also for his years of busting his ass in the entertainment business for very little credit, paying his dues, etc. He’s worked hard at his dream, and I’d love to see that hard work pay off with an American Idol win. And, mind you, this statement — that Adam Lambert ought to win — is coming from someone who votes 500 times for Kris every week and who would move over to Allison if Kris was eliminated.

Honestly, as long as Danny Gokey doesn’t win Idol, I think I will be somewhat pleased. Although I will not be pleased if Danny Gokey continues on in the competition at the expense of my favorites.

Michael Slezak of had a vision of an Adam/Allison/Kris final three back in the top 13 week. It’s crazy that it could actually happen. And the best chance of that happening, aside from the judges derailing Danny completely, was opened up last night when Danny bombed his solo performance, and when the duet performance didn’t go that well.

I’m not going to make a prediction about tonight. I really don’t think I can. The only prediction I will make is that Adam Lambert is safe, and perhaps even that he is called safe first.

DialIdol lists Allison as last, and because of her bottom three appearances and some of her good comments last night, I worry about her fanbase. She was amazing last night, though, and she deserves to continue in the competition. She could make the top two at this rate.

Kris got completely run over with the judge bus last night (and to some extent, Allison did as well), and rock week wasn’t really set up to be good for him. I thought he gave a very good performance last night, on one of my favorite songs, but got no credit. He looks tired, like the energy is leaving him. At least he got to perform a Beatles song — one of his personal influences.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Kris or Allison went home, even though I will be very sad about it.

Despite Simon saying Danny would be safe, I also would not be surprised if Danny went home. Danny is not considered safe on DialIdol, and he over-performs on that site. A prediction site called has him leaving tonight. It has been accurate all season long. Like I said before, the best chance of Danny leaving was granted last night with that one horrific wail on “Dream On.”

—Begin rant on “Dream On.”—

I’m sorry, Danny, but did you not learn from Michael Johns? That song is a shock boot song on Idol if there ever was one. If Danny gets the boot tonight, I think that song ought to be banned from Idol forever — but instead it will be encouraged because Idol producers love the drama of a shock boot. Adam is the only one who could have pulled off that note at the end. At first I thought, well, you tried, I’ll give you that. But then I thought, no, if you are that self-absorbed that you can’t realize you can’t pull off a note like that, no, you deserve no credit, you attention-hungry little child. Even Slash knew he couldn’t pull it off. Did you see his sly look when he said the performance will hinge on that note? Whitney Pastorek of described it as “Dementor-like.” (Harry Potter reference FTW!)

I could get into every judge comment and how set up we are all being for an Adam/Danny finale because of them. (Simon saying Danny was better than Kris in the duet would be an example — pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Why? Because Danny tried to overpower Kris in the duet instead of allowing them to blend and complement each other?) But I won’t. I will just say that if Danny is eliminated, and Adam/Allison/Kris is the final three, I will be incredibly happy, and barring any judge-throwing-contestants-under-the-bus behavior, I will not complain the rest of the season. I would love to hear anything else all of those three have to offer, and while Kris is my personal favorite, I’d be happy with any of them winning or making the final.

Please. Let’s put the Go in Gokey once and for all!


2 Responses to “Top 4 – Thoughts Before the Results Show”

  1. Lezli said

    Given that Danny will probably be safe…I hope it’s Allison and not Kris to go home. I’m going to watch with all the drama tonight! I don’t normally watch the results show with all the anticipation so here it goes!!!!

  2. Susie :D said

    Danny was no way better than Kris. He was LOUDER!!! and so of course you couldn’t help but notice him more. Good gracious.

    I loved Kris’s song too. .. the rock version of it was great (!!), and he did look tired, but did a fine job anyway.

    I don’t know what I do if I couldn’t read your comments and watch the show at the same time . I’m sure those people from Guangzhou and Hawaii agree!

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