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Top 3 – Song Spoilers

Posted by Molly M M on May 8, 2009

Hello everyone. I had to take a few days to compose myself after Wednesday’s ridiculous elimination of one red-haired rocker chick, and saving of one glasses-wearing, glass-shattering-screaming dead wife pimper.

Now that I have done so, I am fully psyched about what Kris and Adam will bring to the table for Top 3 Week!! Each contestant is currently back home celebrating their Top 3 placement with concerts, interviews, parade, and all that jazz. MJ’s Big Blog is covering much of the shenanigans, so head on over and check it out.

Top 3 Week is probably my favorite week on Idol. I think it’s even better than the final two week. Traditionally, each contestant sings three songs on Top 3 Week: producers’ choice, judges’ choice, and contestants’ choice. However, due to the fourth judge/no one able to comment in under 20 seconds thing, this has been shortened to TWO SONGS which sucks. Luckily, judges’ choice and contestants’ choice, the best of the three songs, remain. Yays!

Each judge picks a song for one of the contestants. Since we have four judges this year, what to do? Well Kara is not picking songs for anyone; instead, with her songwriter background, she is penning this year’s coronation single. I’m not sure how I feel about this. All of the coronation songs are treacly messes, whether they be by legit songwriters or be by the songwriting contest they’ve had for the past few years. Even with the public voting, we end up with a craptastic song. Maybe Kara’s will be good.

Anyway, this leaves Randy, Paula, and Simon to choose for the contestants. Interesting to note which judges have picked songs for the Idol winners (I only know back to season 3 on this):

Season 3 – Fantasia – Simon picked

Season 4 – Carrie – Randy picked

Season 5 – Taylor – Randy picked

Season 6 – Jordin – Simon picked

Season 7 – DCook – Simon picked

I am glad to hear, then, that Paula is picking for Gokey! Has Paula ever picked the song for the eventual winner? She does tend to pick the runners up which scares me a little… but anyway… without further ado… the song picks:

Adam – picked by Simon – “One” by U2

EDIT: This pick is NOT confirmed. Other sources are saying “Wicked” by Chris Isaak.

Danny – picked by Paula – “Dance Little Sister” by Terence Trent D’Arby

Kris – picked by Randy – “Apologize” by OneRepublic

I will start by saying I have never even heard of Danny’s choice (song, or even artist). Upon a listen, it sounds like a song Paula would pick for HERSELF to sing. There is a lot of throaty growl in the singer’s voice, which works to Danny’s advantage. But it’s obscure and kind of unmemorable.

I am shocked Randy didn’t slap Kris with a horrible song choice. Syesha was saddled with a horrific producers’ pick last year, which didn’t help the innumerable odds already stacked against her. I am shocked the bus did not arrive for Kris via song choice. This is a contemporary song, and one well suited to Kris’s style, I feel. It does have a lot of falsetto in it, however, and Kris has been known to struggle with it. I hope he rearranges the song in a way that works for his voice.

Adam – what can I say? I think I knew Simon was going to pick a U2 song for him. I wouldn’t call “One” my favorite song by U2, but it’s not a bad pick. I can hear Adam doing well with Bono’s soaring style.

EDIT: If the pick is the Chris Isaak song instead, I don’t know it and haven’t had the chance to find it online… so I don’t have an opinion yet!

Now I just wonder what the contestants have picked for themselves to sing… hopefully not repeats of past performances like some Season 6 contestants did!! Please!! Kris — “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz is WAITING FOR YOU!


One Response to “Top 3 – Song Spoilers”

  1. Becca said

    I LOVE the song Randy picked for Kris!!! Oh God I hope he does well with it.

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