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Top 3 – Performance Show

Posted by Molly M M on May 12, 2009

Tonight’s blog won’t be as detailed, I’m afraid. I have plans shortly after the show, so only a half hour of Kris voting. I do know the performance order is Danny, Kris, Adam, which is bunk if you ask me, since Adam’s gone last several times and Kris hasn’t since, what, top 9?? Simon has also gone on TV today and said that Danny should be in the finale with Adam because Kris, though a nice guy, isn’t good enough.

This is the most blatantly manipulated season yet, in my opinion, from wild card onward. Kris and Allison never got the frontrunner status they deserved, or the good judge critiques, or the pre-lve shows screen time. Yet they are more “package artist” than Danny or, perhaps, even Adam. It’s just not fair. I will laugh my head off if Simon is proven wrong by Kris and he makes the finals. And I will be glad because he’s awesome, he’s grown, he’s shown originality, and he DESERVES it.

Coming up… the live show!

Danny Gokey – Dance Little Sister by Terence Trent D’arby (Paula’s pick)

This is a good song for his voice. Good but not spectacular. Randy and Paula loved it, Kara and Simon didn’t love the dancing and didn’t think it was that memorable.

Kris Allen – Apologize by OneRepublic (Randy and Kara’s pick)

The only problem, if any, is the falsetto. He’s on the piano and he sounds beautiful. So much passion in his voice. Simon is a fucking nut job. He’s changing up the melody so there’s not as much falsetto. Wow… Randy loves that it shows who he could be as an artist. Kara thinks it wasn’t out of the park enough, there wasn’t enough unique interpretation. (Wait for the next song!!) Paula calling out a bum note? Ridiculous. She thinks all of them deserve to be in the top two spots. Simon calls out Kara for blaming him for singing an interpretation she herself chose. He calls it merely competent as well.

Well. He’s pulling out all the stops on the next one. Just you wait. I know the song choice, and it’s definitely his biggest risk all season, no doubt.

Adam Lambert – One by U2 (Simon’s pick)

Adam appears to have changed this up a bit. Simon mentions getting personal permission from Bono to have him sing this. No pimping there at all. Adam is doing a mixture of tender and screamy. Randy didn’t love him going off the melody. (As Simon boos.) Kara thought he changed it up and made it unbelievable. She gives it a little back to Simon from before. Paula hates sitting next to him gloating. Simon compliments his own song choice, calls him brilliant, and says him not making the finals would be one of the biggest upsets ever.

There’s an Idol Gives Back report from Carrie Underwood. She really is a perfect American Idol: sweet, cute, talented, good role model.

How is this possibly going to end on time? Three songs, twelve judge critiques, and three clips of hometown visit footage????? With less than 20 minutes left???

Danny Gokey – You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker (personal song choice)

This was sung by Taylor this week last year… this solidifying the comparison. No hometown footage????

Kind of a cappella-ish at the beginning. Pared down arrangement. Very savvy choice — many people flove this song. Battle of the fanbases for sure, this week. Oh Danny, your falsetto ain’t so good. Gospel choir much? Grr, growling.

Tongue bath. Simon doesn’t like the arrangement. Vocal master class, though? REALLY?? Taylor did better, in my opinion. But I’m biased. Against Gokey. I do appreciate Danny’s saying he is gonna stop overanalyzing and just do what he does best. You weren’t as annoying tonight.

Kris Allen – Heartless by Kanye West

He’s totally changing this up. I am excited!! I hate Kanye, but I know Kris will be awesome. Many humble references.

Ooh a cappella beginning. Guitar. Is the band even present? Bold move, buddy. This is very Mraz-y. This is awesome. Passionate… and hard to spit out all those lyrics. I am biased but this is a moment. Please acknowledge it, judges!!

Randy says he likes it better than the original. Kara calls him fearless for standing there with the guitar like that. Paula calls him brave for singing a song about Simon. Simon had written him out after hearing the song choice, but that has all changed now. Even Ryan admits it’s going to be a crazy results show, has no idea how things will turn out.

Kris came into this probably knowing he was the extreme underdog. He knew what he had to do, to deliver his gutsiest performance ever. And he did.

Adam Lambert – Cryin’ by Aerosmith

He says he’s twisted it his own way but won’t be veering away from it too much. It’s good, but there’s nothing phenomenal about it. This is actually a relatively weak night for him. But, tongue bath! As expected. Randy likes this more than his last song. Kara asks how he can sing those notes and still talk the next day. She tentatively says we’ll see how in the finals. Simon wants to make sure we don’t assume he will be there, but that he deserves it and so vote for him. Adam says it’s an honor to be in the presence of Kris and Danny.

Nice picks for Kris’s video blips. Where he sounded the worst. Grrrrr.

Come on, Kris fans. Prove them wrong.


4 Responses to “Top 3 – Performance Show”

  1. Becca said

    I am so MAD at all of the judges. I thought Kris did VERY well, it’s one of my favorite songs and he sounded very much like the original. I love how they praise others for being so close to the original, but diss him because he didn’t “make it his own style.” GRRR

  2. Vera said

    Um. The phrase “tongue bath” is not one that I mind being applied to Danny at all. Oh, that’s probably not what you meant. lol Idol turns me into a teenage girl.

    I don’t know, Danny and Kris were both strong tonight.. definitely “doing what they do.” (I thought that was cute.) I agree, Kris’s song choice was super bold and brave to go for! It made me nervous because his performances were of very contemporary songs (nervous, as in he might beat out Danny). I was a little upset that Paula would pick such an obscure song for Danny. Maybe it’s just me, but I had never heard of it.

    Adam was getting on my last nerve tonight. He sang two of my favorite songs and just killed them (not in the good way). Over-singing, theatrics, and screaming. I guess now I know how people on the other side of the fence for Taylor Hicks felt. I just don’t get it. I wonder if there is any way he could not win. Then again, David Cook beat Archuleta, so… 🙂

    I’m so excited for tomorrow night!

  3. Anna said

    so I wasn’t able to vote until 10:30 eastern, and then I COULDN’T GET THROUGH. At all. For either Kris or Adam (wasn’t about to try any of Danny’s numbers!). So I’m hoping this is because bazillions of people were voting for them, and not because I was somehow misdialing or too late… Anyway, I loved Kris’ second song, and now I’m actually allowing myself to hope that he’ll finally put the Go in Gokey! 🙂

  4. Molly M M said

    OMG Vera, I was ROFL about your Danny tongue bath comment. Ewwwwwww!

    Becca, I am glad the judges redeemed themselves on Kris’s second song. There was NO WAY they could have criticized that!!!

    Anna… I hope you are right! I am kind of believing it too… especially because of what DI says (and since Kris usually UNDERPERFORMS on DI, that makes it even a stronger indication)!

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