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Top 3 – Thoughts Before the Results Show

Posted by Molly M M on May 13, 2009

I refuse to make a prediction… even though I accidentally succumbed to it on Twitter today. I won’t do it.

All I will say is that last night, Kris did exactly what he had to do in order to not be thrown under the bus… and that was to deliver an outstanding, original performance. What he did with “Heartless” by KANYE FREAKIN’ WEST (whom I LOOOOATHE by the way) ought to go down in the show’s history as one of its best performances. It was gutsy — did he even have ANY instrumentation besides his own acoustic guitar??? It was ballsy, ballsy like Bo Bice “In a Dream” ballsy. It was David Cook level of changed-up originality awesomeness. And it was CONTEMPORARY. Kris’s songs were much more current than anyone else’s last night, IMO.

I have to hand it to Adam and Danny both — they did do well last night. I still don’t think Danny’s anywhere the caliber the judges purport him to be, but he sang fairly well last night. He should have picked something more current for his own pick. I would have loved to see Adam pick something that shows a bit more what kind of record he’s going to make for his personal pick… but the way he delivered “One” by U2 was pretty awesome. (Check out MJ’s Big Blog to see how Simon Cowell actually DID have input on the way Adam arranged that song.)

Like I said… no predictions. All I know is, it will be close, and it will be exciting. And we’ll actually see hometown visit footage tonight! (My bad on forgetting it’s always during the results shows.)

Put the Go in Gokey! Maybe? Maybe it could happen? Maybe?


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