Molly Blogs Idol

The rantings of an American Idol addict


My name’s Molly. I like to watch American Idol, against my will as it may be. After weeks of burdening my Facebook and Twitter friends with my live-updating during live Idol broadcasts, and losing some followers in the process!, I’ve decided to bring my Idol passion over to a blog.

I’ll be writing as I can during live shows, and I welcome you to add your commentary in the comments section. I’ll be mostly working with the entry during the actual show, and I’ll most likely respond to comments after (or if I catch them during the show, I may incorporate what you say into my actual entry). Feel free to follow me on RSS readers and tell your friends. Strangers are welcome here, as long as you keep it clean(ish) and inoffensive(ish).

Enjoy your visit!


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