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The Crystal Bowersox Paradox

Posted by Molly M M on April 1, 2010

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. Grad school makes me a busy girl.

I just have to say.

Crystal Bowersox should win American Idol.

Crystal Bowersox won’t win American Idol.

And it will be a very sad day. I will probably cry and cry as I did for Melinda Doolittle.

American Idol voters like progression. They like growth. They like adorable or handsome males. (Hence 6 guys and 3 girls left in a “girls take it” season.) They do not like pure, unadulterated talent.

That said. Top 10 week is when David Cook had “Billie Jean.” Lee DeWyze had his dark horse moment. I would be okay with Crystal and Lee in the top two.

But, America, prove me right. Vote Crystal to win.


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Coming soon…

Posted by Molly M M on January 13, 2010

Sorry everyone, but I probably won’t be watching many audition episodes, if any. Be on the lookout for upcoming posts, though!

I’m sure you have all heard that Simon is leaving the show after this season. Who knows if Idol will continue or not, or if he’s really leaving. Fox has to attempt to get us to believe Idol will last longer than this season so we — and the highly-paid judges! — don’t just check out for the season. They have to keep us on our toes!

If Idol goes and X-Factor comes to be in the US, I may watch it. Not sure yet. Idol is something I love to hate, and, more fervently, hate to love. We shall se what happens if/when it is gone.

I hope you’re enjoying Idol so far! If you have anything of note to post — good auditions I should watch out for, bad auditions I should also watch out for, judge pimping, backstory hogging, etc. — comment here!

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Welcome back to Idol Land!

Posted by Molly M M on January 8, 2010

Hi all,

I kinda disappeared off the face of the earth during last year’s finale. That’s because I was in the midst of… oh, falling in love. SO SUE ME. 🙂

But, I’m back on the Idol bandwagon for this coming season. Now, I don’t normally watch much of the audition episodes. I think they’re pretty annoying, and I hate the severe exploitation at play during them. Not that the whole show isn’t exploitative… the audition episodes are just bluntly so and solely for entertainment, whereas the rest of the episodes at least can make somewhat believable the ruse that it’s all about helping young talent (and not just about making money and ratings). Somewhat believable, I said.

I also may be missing the auditions, and maybe a little of Hollywood time, due to rehearsals for a play I may be in at grad school. That said…

If you wish, you may follow this blog through the entirety of the Idol season. I promise you cynical, yet hopeful recaps; sometimes funny, sometimes lame commentary; and all the gossip. And come on, we know it’s true — this year there will again be a contestant whom I loathe and will bash on every week (sorry, KLC; sorry, Gokey). So at least you can tune in for the humor(?) of that.

Cheers, and welcome back, Idol!

Your fearless blogger,

P.S. I’m still in love.

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