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Top 5 – Results Show

Posted by Molly M M on April 29, 2009

I’m posting a recap later. Feel free to discuss the show in the comments section!

Heh… and here I am. I just have to say… and I can’t believe I am saying this… I LOVED the group performance. They all sound awesome singing jazz. It took me waaaaay back to my days in high school jazz choir.

Umm… Adam, why’d you actually pick a side? No one actually does that! And he assumed he was safe…

I will say I can’t believe they’ve done a bottom three this week. That means over half of the contestants are “bottom three.” A little silly to me. I guess this is just to incite Adam fans to not be complacent, and vote, since he was named in the bottom. If Adam isn’t sent to safety next, I’ll be shocked.

I will cry like a baby if Kris goes home.

Kris is safe. But are Matt/Adam actually the real bottom two? I don’t recall Ryan saying it.

If Matt and Adam are not called, literally, the bottom two, I will assume that Kris was actually bottom two, with whomever goes home.

Guest performances tonight:
Natalie Cole — classy
Taylor Hicks — fun and quirky
Jamie Foxx — mehhhh (better as a mentor than a performer)

Jamie had some great comments about them being true artists and asking America to embrace ALL of them after the show is over.

Aww, Matt. Nice sendoff. Matt has a pretty great personality. We didn’t get to see it much on the show.

Wow, three minutes left at the end?? Craziness! Simon was pretty funny acknowledging how poorly he called it last night.

Next week is rock ‘n roll week with Slash from GNR (among other groups) as mentor.

They never said bottom two. Kris, next week the bus is coming for you. 😦

EDIT: Several people have confirmed for me that Ryan did in fact call Matt and Adam the bottom two when talking to Jamie Foxx. I am not sure if this was a slip by Ryan, or literally scripted. If it’s scripted, I will believe it, but it is hard for me to fathom. I imagine the top four was very very close last night, and that they only had a bottom three because Adam could be in it (it was the first time they’ve ever said the bottom three in the top five — usually it’s only bottom two with this small amount of contestants left).

I stand by my belief that the bus is coming for Kris via the producers and judges… so I will be voting extra hard for him next week.


3 Responses to “Top 5 – Results Show”

  1. Susie :D said

    Adam is up. I’m nervous!!! It’d be tragic if he was in the bottom 3 .. 😮

  2. Becca said

    I was actually hoping Adam would go home.. too much competition was Kris and Allison (my faves)… of course Danny made it through… grr

  3. Molly M M said

    Becca, I can’t deny it — I felt the way you did too. If Adam went home in a shock boot, the competition would be WIDE OPEN.

    Su, the irony of my receiving your comment… after Adam had been called bottom 3!

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